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Intelligent Rain Detection Module, Smart Rain Sensor


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The rain sensor designed to swiftly detect changes in rainfall on glass surfaces, providing real-time data without being affected by factors such as sunlight, dust, leaves, and more. This advanced sensor promptly relays information to users, indicating the intensity of rainfall accurately—ranging from no rain to light rain, moderate rain, or heavy rain.

Intelligent Rain Detection Module

The module features a compact body measuring approximately 12.5mm in diameter, making it compatible with various camera types. It finds application in security monitoring, smart home systems, smart agriculture, and more. Despite its diminutive size, this small sensor can effortlessly integrate into projects, including box cameras and speed dome cameras, that have stringent space restrictions.

Intelligent Rain Detection Module

The sensor is capable of accurately detecting rainfall in real-time, regardless of the rainfall environment. Its integrated optical algorithm intelligently filters out ambient factors such as sunlight, dust, leaves, and more, ensuring precise collection of rainfall data even in complex conditions. The sensor provides feedback on the intensity of rainfall, distinguishing between light, moderate, and heavy rain, allowing for comprehensive monitoring of rainfall changes.

Intelligent Rain Detection Module

Moreover, it comes equipped with advanced features such as ambient light detection and temperature detection, enabling the monitoring of the internal temperature of the device. By incorporating rainfall data, ambient conditions, and internal temperature, this sensor assists users in developing intelligent, all-encompassing, and affordable rainfall detection applications.

Furthermore, the sensor offers adjustable sensitivity for rainfall detection, allowing it to adapt to various levels of precipitation and different environmental conditions.

Intelligent Rain Detection Module

Also, it has low power mode that reduces power consumption, greatly extending module service life.

Intelligent Rain Detection Module

This module serves the primary purpose of identifying rainfall on a windshield's surface and transmitting corresponding rainfall information (such as no rain, light rain, moderate rain, or heavy rain) to the camera host. Subsequently, the camera host utilizes this information to regulate the wipers, effectively removing raindrops from the windshield and ensuring a clear view for the camera, particularly during inclement weather. Consequently, these intelligent rain detection modules are highly suitable for integration into smart doors, windows, and windshield wipers, among other applications.

Intelligent Rain Detection Module

Intelligent Rain Detection Module


  • Can achieve accurate real-time rainfall detection in any rainfall environment
  • Equipped with functions like ambient light detection and temperature detection
  • Supports rainfall detection sensitivity


  • Security monitoring
  • Smart home
  • Smart agriculture


  • Communication: UART
  • Serial Communication Rate: 115200 bps
  • Voltage: 3.3V
  • Operating Current: <50mA
  • Temperature Range: -40C~85C
  • Dimension: diameter about 12.5+-0.15mm
  • Wiring:Black-VCCWhite-UART_RX,Yellow-UART_TX,Red-GND

Package Contents

  • Intelligent Rain Detection Module x1
  • Adapter Cable x1


Technical Specifications


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