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Weather Station Kit with Anemometer/Wind Vane/Rain Bucket


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₹16,567.20 inc. GST
₹14,040.00 ex. GST
Build your own weather station with this kit featuring an anemometer, wind vane, and rain bucket. Gather precise data on wind speed, direction, and rainfall to track weather patterns and make informed decisions. View full description
₹16,567.20 inc. GST
₹14,040.00 ex. GST


Ever want to build your own weather station?  This IoT weather station kit includes an anemometerwind vane, and rain bucket. The serial communication method provides good compatibility and makes it easy to use with most controllers in the market.

Together with other components, this IoT weather station kit can be widely used in measuring wind/rain in engineering, railways, docks, power plants, meteorological, cableway, environment study, agriculture, energy monitoring, health study with corresponding signal output.

Weather Station Kit with Anemometer/Wind Vane/Rain Bucket


Project 1: Make Your Own Arduino Weather Station
This durable Arduino weather station kit includes an anemometer, wind vane, rain bucket and DH11 temperature and humidity sensor. It can transmit data via serial or RF interfaces.  

Hardware List: 
LCD12864 Shield for Arduino
Weather Station Kit with Solar Panel
Weather Station Kit with Anemometer/Wind Vane/Rain Bucket
Bluno M3 - A STM32 ARM with Bluetooth 4.0 (Arduino Compatible)


  • Weather Station
  • Weather Monitoring


  • Operating voltage: 5V
  • Temperature range: -40~80C
  • Humidity range: 0~99Percent
  • Package Dimension: 20x18x30 CM (7.87x7.09x11.81")
  • Weight: 4480g
Package Contents
  • Anemometer   x1
  • Wind vane   x1
  • Rain bucket   x1
  • Sensor Board  x1
  • Stainless steel studdle (30CM)(11.81") x1
  • component package  x1




Q: What data can I collect with this weather station kit?

A: The kit allows you to collect data on wind speed (m/s, knots, km/h, mph), wind direction, and rainfall (mm).

Q: How accurate are the measurements?

A: The accuracy for wind speed is ±(0.3+0.03*V)m/s, for wind direction is ±3°, and for rainfall is 0.2mm.

Q: What is the maximum measurable wind speed?

A: The anemometer can measure wind speeds up to 70 m/s.

Q: Is this kit easy to assemble and use?

A: Yes, the kit comes with all the necessary components and is easy to assemble. It also includes a user manual with detailed instructions on installation and usage.

Q: What is the communication interface for retrieving data?

A: The kit uses the Modbus-RTU protocol over RS485 for data communication, allowing you to easily connect it to your computer or other data logging systems.

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