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Anemometer Kit 0-5V (IP65 grade) - SEN0170


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₹5,664.00 inc. GST
₹4,800.00 ex. GST
The Anemometer Kit SEN0170 is a robust, weather-resistant wind speed sensor with a 0-5V voltage output and IP65 rating. Ideal for DIY weather stations and environmental monitoring. View full description
₹5,664.00 inc. GST
₹4,800.00 ex. GST


Have you ever wanted to construct your very own weather station? This anemometer offers a solution, consisting of a shell, wind cups, and a circuit module. It incorporates a built-in photovoltaic module, an industrial microcomputer processor, and a standard current generator. Crafted from aluminum alloy, this anemometer possesses exceptional strength, weather resistance, and corrosion resistance. Its military-grade interface guarantees a prolonged lifespan while enhancing the accuracy of wind speed measurement.
When combined with other components, this versatile anemometer can be effectively employed in various applications such as engineering, railways, docks, power plants, meteorology, cableways, environmental studies, agriculture, energy monitoring, and health research. It provides a corresponding signal output, allowing users to effortlessly determine wind speed levels through a voltage signal ranging from 0 to 5V, with comprehensive instructions and sample code provided.


  • Model:JL-FS2
  • Type:three cups
  • Output signal range:0-5V (Voltage signal)
  • Supply voltage:  DC12-24V
  • Power consumption:Voltage MAX<=0.3W
  • Start wind speed:0.4-0.8m/s
  • Resolution:0.1m/s
  • Effective measurement range:0-30m/s 
  • System error:+-3Percent
  • Transmission distance: No more than 8 meters
  • Transmission medium: Cable transmission
  • Connection mode:Three wires
  • Working temperature:-40C~8C
  • Wiring map:VCC (Red), GND (Black),Voltage (Yellow), Current (Blue)
  • Weight:1Kg
Package Contents
  • Anemometer x1
  • Waterproof connector and 3m standard cable x1
  • Screw Kit x1




Q: What is the output signal range of the anemometer?

A: The output signal range of the anemometer is 0-5V, making it compatible with most microcontrollers and data acquisition systems.

Q: What is the power supply voltage required for the anemometer?

A: The anemometer requires a DC power supply voltage of 12-24V to operate.

Q: What is the accuracy of the wind speed measurement?

A: The anemometer has a system error of ±3%, meaning the measured wind speed may vary slightly from the actual wind speed.

Q: What is the maximum distance for signal transmission?

A: The anemometer's signal can be transmitted over distances up to 8 meters without significant loss or interference.

Q: Can this anemometer withstand harsh weather conditions?

A: Yes, the anemometer is built with an IP65 rating, making it dust-tight and protected against water jets from any direction. It is also made of aluminum alloy, offering excellent weather and corrosion resistance.

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