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SparkFun Micro BMI270 6DoF IMU Breakout Qwiic


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The SparkFun BMI270 Micro 6DoF IMU Breakout is a breakout board that supports Qwiic connectivity. It is built around the energy-efficient BMI270 chip developed by Bosch. This chip is designed to excel in wearable devices, offering accurate measurements of acceleration and angular rate, along with clever on-chip motion-triggered interrupt capabilities. In addition to its responsive accelerometer and gyro pairing, the BMI270 boasts a variety of intelligent on-chip features for motion-triggered interrupts.

  • Qwiic Micro Sized Board (0.75in x 0.30in / 19.05mm x 7.62mm)
  • 16-bit 3-axis accelerometer with +-2g/4g/8g/16g range
  • 16-bit 3-axis gyroscope with +-125dps/250dps/500dps/1000dps/2000dps range
  • 400kHz AUX sensor interface with hardware synchronization
  • I2C Addresses: 0x68 (default), 0x69
  • 1.8V and 3.3V operation
  • Ultra-low current consumption
  • Smart features
    • Significant motion / Any motion / Motion detect
    • No motion / Stationary detect
    • Wrist wear wakeup / Wrist worn step counter
    • Activity change recognition
    • Wrist gesture recognition
  • 1x Horizontal Qwiic Connector

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