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RGB LED Matrix Panel 64x64 Pixels 2.5mm Pitch Adjustable Brightness


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The item being described is a LED matrix display that measures 64 × 64 and can display full-color graphics. It has 4096 RGB LEDs mounted on it with a 2.5mm pitch. The display is compatible with several platforms, including Raspberry Pi, Arduino, and ESP32. It also comes with open source demos and tutorials that can be helpful for makers or electronics enthusiasts who are new to the field. This product is suitable for those interested in starting to learn, as well as for those who want to engage in DIY secondary development for desktop or wall-mounted display applications.

This product only is a screen and needs to be displayed with main control boards such as Raspberry Pi, ESP32, and Arduino.

  • 4096 individual RGB LEDs, full-color display, adjustable brightness
  • 64 x 64 pixels, 2.5mm pitch, allows displaying text, colorful images, or animation
  • 160 x 160mm dimensions, moderate size, suitable for DIY desktop display or wall mount display
  • Onboard two HUB75 headers, one for controller data input, one for output, chain support
  • Provides open source development resources (examples for Raspberry Pi / Raspberry Pi Pico / ESP32 / Arduino)
  • It is recommended to used with a 5V 4A power supply
Package Contents
  • RGB-Matrix-P2.5-64x64 LED matrix and accessories x1
  • Power supply terminal adapter x1
  • 16P wire ~30cm x1

64x64 RGB LED Matrix Panel

4096 Individual RGB LEDs, 2.5mm Pitch

Supports Raspberry Pi / Raspberry Pi Pico / ESP32 / Arduino...

Header Definition

PIN Description   PIN Description
+5V 5V power input   GND Ground
R1 R higher bit data   R2 R lower bit data
G1 G higher bit data   G2 G lower bit data
B1 B higher bit data   B2 B lower bit data
A A line selection   B B line selection
C C line selection   D D line selection
E E line selection   CLK Clock input
LAT/STB Latch pin   OE Output enable

Chainable Design

Multi LED Matrix Panel Can Be Chained Together To Build A Larger Panel
Via HUB75 Input/Output Header

Each RGB LED matrix panel requires a standalone 5V/4A or above power supply, when they're chained to display.


DIY Maker Desktop Or Wall Mount Display, Signboard, Environment Monitor...



Technical Specifications

160mm x 160mm
64 x 64=4096 DOTS
Pixel Form:
Viewing Angle:
>=140 deg
Control Type:
1/32 scan
Power Supply:
5V / 3A (VH4 header input)
< = 20W

Warranty Information

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