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Quectel L86 GPS + GLONASS Module (GNSS) with Patch Antenna


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L86 GNSS module with an embedded patch antenna and LNA brings high performance of MTK positioning engine to the industrial applications. It is able to achieve the industry’s highest level of sensitivity, accuracy and TTFF with the lowest power consumption in a small-footprint leadless package. The embedded flash memory provides capacity for users to store some useful navigation data and allows for future updates.


Technical Specifications

Power Consumption:
Acquisition: 26mA @VCC=V_BCKP=3.3V (GPS), Tracking: 22mA @VCC=V_BCKP=3.3V (GPS), Acquisition: 30mA @VCC=V_BCKP=3.3V (GPS+GLONASS), Tracking: 26mA@VCC=V_BCKP=3.3V (GPS+GLONASS), Standby: 1mA @VCC=V_BCKP=3.3V, Backup: 7uA @V_BCKP=3.3V
Power Supply:
2.8V~4.3V Typical voltage: 3.3V
Acquisition: -149dBm, Re-acquisition: -161dBm, Tracking: -167dBm
TTFF (EASY Enabled):
Cold start:
TTFF (EASY Disabled):
Cold start (Autonomous):
Horizontal Position Accuracy (Autonomous):
Update Rate:
Up to 10Hz, 1Hz by default
Acceleration Accuracy:
Without aid: 0.1m/s2
Accuracy of 1PPS Signal:
Typical accuracy: ±10ns, Time pulse width 100ms
Velocity Accuracy:
Without aid: 0.1m/s
Dynamic Performance:
Maximum altitude: 18,000m, Maximum velocity: 515m/s, Acceleration: 4G
Temperature Range:
-40~85 C
Physical Characteristics:
Size: 18.4 ×18.4 ×6.45 mm, Weight: Approx. 7.6g
UART Port:
UART port: TXD1 and RXD1, Supports baud rate from 4800bps to 115200bps, 9600bps by default

Warranty Information

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    2 Reviews

  • Posted by Thomas Jospeh on 18th Jan 2021


    Excellent HW

    Excellent GPS and GLONASS performance. The default data xfer is 1Hz. I would like to see it to output the complete NMEA data only if there is movement. That is, only if the THIS data is different from the PAST data. Typically it should output a $GPTXT segment, otherwise. In otherwords, part of the decision making should take place inside the L86. As of the current firmware, we need to process the NMEA data at the MCU every second(1Hz), and make decision in our program whether to keep the new position or discard it. This causes a lot of wasted CPU cycles, processing the NMEA data and discard it, when the object is not moving. I am not aware of any waay we can make the L86 to do the above. If you are, please post below. Thanks..

  • Posted by Somashree Roy on 18th Aug 2020



    Received the module yesterday and it's working perfectly!! It was well packed with loads of bubble wrap but didn't come in an anti-static bag. Took only 5 days to get delivered even in this lockdown and restrictions. It took very long (as apprehended) to give any data first time but then it became better in getting the location, time, etc. after the first connect. I tested it with ESP8266 as I was worried that the logic level won't be compatible with Arduino. It now works really well.