Industrial IoT Wireless Expansion Board with SIM7600G-H-PCIE 4G Module for Raspberry Pi Compute Module 4

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This is an industrial expansion module based on Raspberry Pi CM4, which features common interfaces such as Gigabit Ethernet, HDMI, USB, and GPIO, allows additional 4G / 5G / LoRa wireless communication modules to be connected via the M.2 or Mini-PCIe socket. There are also industrial interfaces/resources including RS485, CAN, and RTC.

Combined with the industrial rail-mount protection case, the module is an ideal choice for building IoT gateway, 4G/5G router, IoT data acquisition, or even the PLC device in industrial automatic control system, and more.

Package Content
  2. PCIe to 4G/LoRa adapter x1
  3. SIM7600G-H-PCIE 4G module
  4. PCB antenna IPEX connector
  5. 12V 2A power adapter
  6. Screwdriver x1
  7. Screws pack x1

Industrial IoT Module Based On CM4

Suitable For IoT Applications Like IoT Getaway, Wireless Router, Intelligent Data Acquisition...

4G/5G/LoRa Support, Multi Interfaces

Part List Comparison

Connecting With Compute Module 4

Standard CM4 Socket And Partial Raspberry Pi GPIO Header
Suitable For Compute Module 4 Lite/EMMC Series Module

4G/5G/LoRa Wireless Modules Support

Onboard M.2 Slot, Comes With Mini-PCIe Adapter As Well,
Compatible With 4G/5G/LoRa Wireless Modules With M.2 Or Mini-PCIe Interface

An additional communication module is required to enable 5G/4G/3G/2G cellular network or LoRa gateway function, recommended.

SIM7600G-H-PCIE 4G Module

  • 4G/3G/2G communication, GNSS positioning, global coverage
  • Standard Mini-PCIe interface, high compatibility
  • Multi-constellation high accuracy positioning GNSS receiver support
  • Suitable for LTE, UMTS, and GSM network with global coverage
  • Abundant software functions: OTA, LBS, TLS, VoLTE
  • Up to 150Mbps (Max) downlink data rate and 50Mbps (Max) uplink data rate
  • Supports popular OS driver: Windows, Linux, Android etc.
  • AT commands of the SIM7600G-H-PCIE series are compatible with the SIM7500/SIM7600 series modules

Rich Interfaces

Providing Interfaces Including: CSI / HDMI / USB / ETH / CAN / RS485 / M.2 B KEY

Reserved Space For Heat Dissipation

for reference ONLY, heatsink and cooling fan are NOT included.

Rail-Mount Support

Rail-Mount ABS Protection Case, Easy To Install, More Safe Operation

Application Example

Suitable For IoT Gateway, 4G/5G Router, IoT Data Acquisition And Monitoring, Industrial PLC, Or Other Industrial Applications

for reference only, CM4, display are NOT included.

What's On Board

  1. CM4 socket
    suitable for all variants of Compute Module 4
  2. HDMI connector
    supports 4K 30fps output
  3. USB 2.0 ports
    3x USB 2.0, for connecting sorts of USB devices
  4. RJ45 Gigabit Ethernet
    10/100/1000M compatible
  5. DC power supply
    7 ~ 36V DC input
  6. CM4 status indicator
    PWR: Raspberry Pi power indicator
    ACT: Raspberry Pi operating status indicator
  7. 4G/5G module status indicator
    M.2 PWR: module enable indicator
    M.2 NET: module operating status indicator
  8. PWR & USB
    5V DC power supply or USB programming port
  9. M.2 B KEY
    supports 4G/5G modules, or other communication modules using USB channel
  10. Nano-SIM card slot
    supports standard Nano-SIM card for 5G/4G/3G/2G communication
  11. BOOT selection
    ON: CM4 will be booted from USB-C interface
    OFF: CM4 will be booted from eMMC or Micro SD card
  12. DC power supply
    7 ~ 36V DC input
  13. Dual non-isolated RS485
    2x RS485, with 600W lightningproof, anti-surge, and 15KV ESD protection (reserved 120R optional balancing resistor jumper) 
  1. Non-isolated CAN
    ESD protection and transient spike voltage protection (reserved 120R optional balancing resistor jumper)
  2. Micro SD card slot
    for connecting a Micro SD card with pre-burnt image (Lite variant ONLY)
  3. FAN header
    for connecting cooling fan, allows speed adjustment and measurement
  4. CAM
    MIPI CSI camera port, 15Pin 1mm pitch
  5. RTC battery holder
    supports CR1220 button cell
  6. M.2 VCC selection
    select 3.3V or 4.2V power supply
  7. RTC interruption configuration
    PI-RUN: CM4 will reboot on RTC interruption
    GL-EN: CM4 powerdown on RTC interruption
    D17: D17 pin is triggered on RTC interruption (default)
  8. IO-VREF selection
    set the CM4 IO logic level as 3.3V (default) or 1.8V
  9. FAN power supply selection
    select 12V (default) or 5V power to drive the fan
  10. System function configuration
    BT_DIS: Bluetooth disabled, for CM4 with antenna variant ONLY
    WiFi_DIS: WiFi disabled, for CM4 with antenna variant ONLY
    WP_DIS: boot mode switch, ONLY be used when NOT booted from eMMC or SD card
  11. RTC/FAN I2C bus selection
    SDA0/SCL0: I2C-10 is shared with CSI/DSI (default)
    GPIO3/2: I2C-1 is shared with GPIO header
  12. Partial GPIO header
    including 1x I2C, 2x GPIO pins, and power supply

Outline Dimensions


Extra Information

suitable for all variants of Compute Module 4
Gigabit Ethernet RJ45; M.2 B KEY / Mini-PCIe (via adapter), for connecting 5G / 4G / LoRa wireless module; Nano-SIM card slot, supports standard Nano-SIM card for 5G/4G/3G/2G communication
USB 2.0 × 3
Non-isolated RS485 × 2, Non-isolated CAN × 1, Partial GPIO pins
MIPI CSI-2 × 1 (15pin 1.0mm FPC connector)
HDMI × 1, supports 4K 30fps output
Real-time clock with battery socket and ability to wake Compute Module 4
MicroSD card socket for Compute Module 4 Lite (without eMMC) variants
5V/12V, allows speed adjustment and measurement
5V or 7~36V
145 × 90 × 40mm

Warranty Information

All the products supplied by Evelta are genuine and original. We offer 14 days replacement warranty in case of manufacturing defects. For more details, please visit our cancellation and returns page.

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