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Gravity: CH423 I2C 24 Digital IO Expansion Module


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The CH423 is a chip that can be used to expand the number of digital input/output (I/O) ports available on a microcontroller or computer. It does this by using the I2C communication protocol, which allows multiple devices to be connected to the same two-wire interface.

The CH423 chip has 24 digital I/O ports, including 8 general-purpose input/output (GPIO) ports with interrupt functions and 16 general-purpose output (GPO) ports. The chip also includes a built-in current drive circuit that can provide a continuous drive current of 15mA, which is sufficient to drive 24 LED tubes or dynamically drive 128 LEDs. This makes the CH423 a good choice for projects that involve LED displays or other applications that require a large number of digital outputs.

To use the CH423 chip in a project, you will need to connect it to a microcontroller or computer using the I2C bus, and write code to control the I/O ports. The CH423 I2C to GPIO expansion board you described is likely a PCB (printed circuit board) that includes the CH423 chip and the necessary connectors and circuitry to interface with an I2C bus. It should be easy to use in projects involving LED tubes, dot matrix screens, light cubes, and other applications that require a large number of digital outputs.

  • 8 general input/output pins
  • 16 general output pins
  • Built-in driving circuit, up to 15mA continuous driving current
Package Contents
  • Gravity: CH423 I2C 24 Digital IO Expansion Module x1
  • Gravity-4P I2C/UART Sensor cable x1

Connection Diagram


Technical Specifications

Power Supply:
Static Current:
IO Continuous Driving Current:
I2C Address:
Operating Temperature Range:
-20 ~ 80C

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