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Gravity: I2C 4-20mA DAC Module Arduino Compatible


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I2C is a communication protocol that allows devices to exchange data with each other over a two-wire interface. It is commonly used in embedded systems and allows devices to communicate with a microcontroller or computer.

The DAC (Digital-to-Analog Converter) module you described is used to convert a digital signal into an analog current. The output range of 0-25mA is the maximum range that the DAC can output, but it can be calibrated to a more accurate 4-20mA range, which is commonly used in industrial control systems.

To use the DAC module with an Arduino, you will need to connect the DAC module to the Arduino using the I2C bus. You will also need to install a library for the DAC module and write code to control the output of the DAC. Once you have set up the hardware and written the necessary code, you can use the Arduino to control the output of the DAC module and send a 4-20mA current to most 4-20mA devices, such as motors, inverters, valves, pumps, etc.

  • 0-25mA output, more accurate current within 4-20mA available after calibration
  • Gravity interface, I2C communication
  • High accuracy, 0.2% linearity error
  • 18-24V power supply
Package Contents
  • Gravity: I2C 4-20mA DAC Module (Arduino Compatible) x1
  • Gravity I2C/UART Sensor Connector x1

Board Overview

Hardware Connection


Technical Specifications

Chip Type:
Input Signal Range:
12Bit, 0x000-0xFFF (0-25mA)
Input I2C Signal High Level:
Power Supply:
18V-24V (24V recommended)
0.5% before calibration, 0.2% after calibration
Power Consumption:
Start-up Time:
Operating Temperature:
-40 to 125C
Load Resistance:
Maximum 450 Ohm load capacity for 18V power supply, maximum 750 Ohm for 24V
Output Current:
I2C Address:

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