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Fermion: URM37 Ultrasonic Sensor Breakout 2-800cm Serial Out


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₹1,486.80 inc. GST
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The URM37 V5.0 ultrasonic sensor module is a highly capable device that includes a built-in temperature compensation feature for accurate distance measurement in applications where temperatures can change. The module offers a variety of output options such as analog, switch, serial (TTL and RS232 level optional), PWM, and more. When operating in analog mode, the sensor outputs a voltage proportional to distance and can be connected to devices such as Arduino, Raspberry Pi, and LattePanda (Windows 10 development board). Additionally, the module can be used to measure the rotation angle of a servo, or when connected with an external servo, it can be transformed into a spatial ultrasonic scanner. The URM37 has been on the market for many years and has played an important role in various fields. We continually optimize and improve its performance. Importantly, the mechanical size, pin interface, and communication commands of this latest version (V5.0) remain compatible with older versions.

The URM37 V5.0 Ultrasonic sensor comes with enhanced intelligence features, while still maintaining compatibility with the mechanical dimensions, pin interface, and communication commands of the previous V4.0 version.

  • The range has been increased from 5~500cm to 2~800cm
  • The ranging performance is very stable at the voltage range of 3.3V~5.5V.
  • The module uses RS232 serial port for higher reliability, and the data can be collected through the computer serial port, which is very convenient to write communication programs.
  • Serial level selected from the skipped stitches to button, user can easily select RS232 or TTL-level output level output by pressing the settings( after reboot ).
  • The measured distance can be output via PWM, which eases the use process of the module.
  • Pre-set a comparative value for the module, under the mode of automatic measurement, if the measured distance value is smaller than the pre-set value, the pin COMP/Trig will output a low level. In this way, this module can be used as an ultrasonic proximity switch.
  • The module is equipped with the funciton of servo controlling. Under the mode of non-automatic measurement, it can combine with a servo into a 180 deg measuring module to scan the obstacles at the range of 0~180deg.
  • The module has a 123 bytes of EEPROM to memory whose values are kept when the board is turned off.
  • The built-in temperature compensation circuit of the module is able to increase the accurary of the measurement.
  • The module has a bulit-in temperature measurement component to read the environmental temperature with a resolution of 0.1C.
  • Power reverse protection
  • Automatic measurement of time interval can be modified.
  • Analog voltage output, voltage and the measured distance is proportional.


Technical Specifications

Operating Voltage:
3.3V ~ 5.5V
Operating Current:
Operating Temperature:
-10~ 70C
Detecting Range:
2cm-800cm(ultimate range 1000cm)
Measuring Period:
22mm x 51 mm
~ 25g

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