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Fermion: BME680 Environmental Sensor Breakout


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₹1,770.00 inc. GST
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The BME680 is a multi-functional MEMS environmental sensor that integrates a VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds) sensor, temperature sensor, humidity sensor, and barometer in a compact design. It is intended for use in air quality monitoring and, thanks to its MEMS technology, has a small form factor and low power consumption. It is well-suited for a variety of applications, including environmental monitoring, home automation and control, Internet of Things (IoT) wearable devices, and GPS enhancement.

This sensor features a simplified breakout design with pitch 2.54 pin/female and SPI connectors, as well as an onboard voltage regulator IC and I2C level translator circuit, making it easy to integrate into various applications.

As industrialization continues, air pollution is becoming increasingly problematic, with toxic chemical odors now commonplace even in new furniture. These invisible threats pose a serious risk to health, making it essential to act fast. The DFRobot Breakout BME680 environmental sensor can help you monitor air quality and take steps to protect your health.

  • MEMS sensor, small size, low power consumption, high reliability
  • Wide voltage input, compatible with 3.3V and 5V controller
  • Highly integrated environmental sensor: temperature, humidity, barometer and VOC, four-in-one environmental parameter monitoring
  • I2C connector, plug and play
  • Small size and easy to install
Package Contents
  • BME680 Environmental Sensor Module x1
  • 2.54 Single Row 4PIN Connector x1
  • 2.54 Single Row 6PIN Connector x1

Technical Specifications

Input Voltage:
Operating Current:
5mA (25mA in VOC Measurement)
Communication Interface:
I2C(Support 3.3V/5V) or SPI(other non-I2C ports only support 3.3V)
Default I2C Address:
Temperature Measurement Range:
Temperature Measurement Precision:
Humidity Measurement Range:
Humidity Measurement Precision:
+-3%r.H.(20-80% Rh.,25C)
Atmospheric Pressure Measurement Range:
Atmospheric Pressure Measurement Precision:
+- 0.6hPa(300-1100hPa,0~65C)
IAQ (Indoor Air Quality) Range:
0~500 (the larger, the worse)
18x15.6 mm

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