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Fermion: BMP388 Digital Pressure Sensor Breakout


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The BMP388 Sensor is a breakout version of the BMP388 Sensor from DFRobot that can measure barometric pressure and temperature. It is compatible with Arduino code control and has a smaller size, lower power consumption, higher resolution, and faster sampling rate than its predecessors, the BMP180 and BMP280.

In addition to measuring barometric pressure and temperature, these sensors can also be used to measure altitude and relative floor height due to the relationship between altitude and barometric pressure. The BMP388, in particular, is well-suited for drone applications due to its ability to accurately track altitude.

Based on Bosch's piezo-resistive pressure sensor technology, the BMP388 is highly robust, accurate, and low-power. It offers an accuracy of +-8 Pa, which is equivalent to a difference in altitude of about +-0.66 m, and an absolute accuracy temperature of +-0.5C for a temperature range between 0C and 65C.

  • Low power consumption
  • Low noise
  • High accuracy
  • Small size
  • Temperature coefficient offset (-20~65C@700-1100hPa)

Technical Specifications

Operating Voltage:
Operating Current:
Communication Interface:
I2C (Support 5V) or SPI(other non-I2C ports only supports 3.3V)
Default I2C Address:
Measuring Range:
300~1250 hPa
Relative Pressure Accuracy:
+-0.08 hPa(+-0.66m @700-900hPa,25-40C)
Absolute Pressure Accuracy:
+-0.5 hPa(0-65C@300-1100hPa)
Offset Temperature Coefficient:
+-0.75 Pa/K(-20-65C@700-1100hPa)
Absolute Temperature Accuracy:
Operating Temperature:
-40~80(More accurate in 0-65)
Outline Dimension:
22mm x 30mm
Mounting Hole Position:
Mounting Hole Size:
inner diameter 3mm/outer 6mm

Warranty Information

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