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7Semi 30V 10A Single Channel Motor Driver Vikram-3010


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₹855.50 inc. GST
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The Vikram-3010 is a motor driver designed for controlling a single-channel brushed DC motor. It provides bi-directional control for the motor and operates within a voltage range of 6V to 30V. The motor driver can handle a continuous current of 10A, making it suitable for various applications.

One of its key features is compatibility with both 3.3V and 5V logic level inputs, ensuring flexibility in interfacing with different control systems. The device includes user-friendly buttons for quick testing and LEDs to indicate the motor's output state. Safety measures such as overcurrent protection, over-temperature protection, and undervoltage shutdown are also integrated.

The Vikram-3010 utilizes a fully NMOS H-Bridge, ensuring efficient motor control without the need for an external heat sink. Additionally, it offers onboard test buttons and motor output LEDs, allowing users to conveniently perform functional tests without connecting to a host controller.

This motor driver can be easily controlled using PWM and DIR inputs, and its input logic voltage range of 1.8V to 12V makes it compatible with a wide range of host controllers, including popular platforms like Arduino, Raspberry Pi, and PLCs.

  • Bi-directional control for single channel brushed DC motor
  • Operating voltage voltage range 6V to 30V
  • continuous current 10A
  • 3.3V and 5V logic level input.
  • Buttons for quick testing.
  • LEDs for motor output state.
  • Overcurrent protection
  • Over Temperature protection.
  • Undervoltage shutdown.
  • Fully NMOS H-Bridge for better efficiency and no heat sink is required

On-board Motor Quick Test Buttons

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    1 Reviews

  • Posted by Sai Kulapra on 28th Sep 2023


    Nice Motor Driver

    Very Happy with the product. Works as expected. I installed this and it worked exactly as expected. I like the test buttons.