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Adafruit 9-DOF Absolute Orientation IMU Fusion Breakout - BNO055

Adafruit Industries

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₹4,269.24 inc. GST
₹3,618.00 ex. GST
Adafruit 9-DOF Absolute Orientation IMU Fusion Breakout BNO055 is a versatile sensor module combining accelerometer, gyroscope, and magnetometer data for precise 9 degrees of freedom measurements. Ideal for robotics and IoT applications. View full description
₹4,269.24 inc. GST
₹3,618.00 ex. GST
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The Adafruit 9-DOF Absolute Orientation IMU Fusion Breakout - BNO055 is a high-performance sensor module designed to provide stable three-axis orientation output by blending accelerometer, magnetometer, and gyroscope data using advanced sensor fusion algorithms. This is achieved by incorporating a MEMS accelerometer, magnetometer, and gyroscope on a single die with a high-speed ARM Cortex-M0 processor.

The BNO055 sensor is capable of abstracting the sensor fusion and real-time requirements away from the user, providing quaternion, Euler angles, or vector data output without requiring complex algorithms to be implemented on low-cost real-time systems. This makes the BNO055 a smart 9-DOF sensor that simplifies the process of generating meaningful sensor data, providing data that can be read directly over I2C.

To facilitate easy integration into a variety of applications, the Adafruit 9-DOF Absolute Orientation IMU Fusion Breakout includes a 3.3V regulator, logic level shifting for the Reset and I2C pins, and an external 32.768KHz crystal that is recommended for optimal performance. The breakout also includes breakouts for other pins that may be useful in various applications.

By using the Adafruit 9-DOF Absolute Orientation IMU Fusion Breakout - BNO055, developers can save weeks or even months of time that would otherwise be spent on fine-tuning complex algorithms of varying accuracy and complexity. Instead, they can easily obtain stable and reliable sensor data in just minutes, making it an excellent choice for a wide range of applications including robotics, drones, virtual reality, and more.

Key Features
  • Absolute Orientation (Euler Vector, 100Hz) Three axis orientation data based on a 360 degree sphere
  • Absolute Orientation (Quaterion, 100Hz) Four point quaternion output for more accurate data manipulation
  • Angular Velocity Vector (100Hz) Three axis of 'rotation speed' in rad/s
  • Acceleration Vector (100Hz) Three axis of acceleration (gravity + linear motion) in m/s^2
  • Magnetic Field Strength Vector (20Hz) Three axis of magnetic field sensing in micro Tesla (uT)
  • Linear Acceleration Vector (100Hz) Three axis of linear acceleration data (acceleration minus gravity) in m/s^2
  • Gravity Vector (100Hz) Three axis of gravitational acceleration (minus any movement) in m/s^2
  • Temperature (1Hz) Ambient temperature in degrees celsius
  • Dimensions: 20mm x 27mm x 4mm / 0.8" x 1.1" x 0.2"
  • Header holes begin 4mm from the mounting holes
  • Mounting Hole dimensions: 20mm x 12mm apart
  • Uses I2C address 0x28 (default) or 0x29
  • Weight: 3g


Datasheet and Tutorials

Absolute orientation in digital signal processing

Adafruit 9-DOF Absolute Orientation IMU Fusion Breakout

Technical Specifications

Adafruit Industries

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