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Ultrasonic Transducer Gas Flow Sensor 200KHz - PSC200K018102H3AD6-B1


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₹796.50 inc. GST
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₹796.50 inc. GST
₹675.00 ex. GST


When it comes to gas metering, the 200KHz ultrasonic transducer gas flow sensor is a top-of-the-line option. This sensor utilizes piezo ceramic sensing and boasts a high frequency of 200KHz, as well as a static capacitance of 2000pF. These features enable the sensor to provide highly accurate and reliable readings of gas flow rates, making it an ideal choice for various gas metering applications. With its advanced technology and superior performance, the 200KHz ultrasonic transducer gas flow sensor is an excellent investment for those looking to improve the efficiency and accuracy of their gas metering systems.


Technical Specifications

Nominal Frequency:
200 KHz
Static Capacitance:
2000 pF
Signal Sensitivity:
> = 15mV
Pressure Tolerance:
< = 0.5 Mpa
Operating Temperature:
-35 ~ 70 C

Warranty Information

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