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Indoor ENS160 Air Quality Sensor - I2C


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₹3,101.04 inc. GST
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The ENS160 Air Quality Sensor is a device designed for indoor air quality monitoring. It uses ScioSense's ENS160 sensor chip to detect multiple IAQ data points like TVOC, eCO2, and AQI. View full description
₹3,101.04 inc. GST
₹2,628.00 ex. GST
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The ENS160 Air Quality Sensor (I2C) is a device designed for indoor air quality monitoring, using ScioSense's advanced ENS160 sensor chip. It is capable of detecting multiple IAQ data points, including TVOC, eCO2, and AQI. The sensor utilizes innovative TrueVOC technology and metal oxide (MOX) technology to provide superior accuracy, fast response, and resistance to interference. Its on-chip algorithms allow it to directly output comprehensive and easily understandable environmental data. It is recommended to preheat the sensor for 3 minutes before use to achieve more accurate readings more quickly. Additionally, the built-in automatic baseline correction algorithm helps to maintain the long-term stability of the sensor.

  • The probe shape makes installation easier
  • Multiple IAQ outputs (TVOC, eCO2, AQI), various environmental data
  • Less than 3 minutes warm-up time, get data faster
  • Built-in algorithm, more accurate output
  • Automatic baseline correction, more stable for long-term use

Connection Diagram


Q: What parameters does the ENS160 Air Quality Sensor measure?

A: The ENS160 measures TVOC (Total Volatile Organic Compounds), eCO2 (equivalent carbon dioxide), and provides an overall Air Quality Index (AQI).

Q: How does the ENS160 sensor calculate eCO2 values?

A: The ENS160 utilizes machine learning algorithms and sensor fusion technology to estimate eCO2 levels based on the detected TVOC levels and other environmental factors.

Q: What interface does this sensor use for communication?

A: The ENS160 Air Quality Sensor uses the I2C interface for communication with microcontrollers or other devices.

Q: Is this sensor suitable for outdoor air quality monitoring?

A: While the sensor can measure certain air quality parameters, it is primarily designed for indoor environments and may not be accurate for outdoor use.

Q: Does the sensor require calibration?

A: The ENS160 sensor features automatic baseline calibration to maintain accuracy over time. However, initial calibration might be needed depending on the specific application and environment.

Technical Specifications

Supply Voltage:
Operating Current:
Preheat Time:
<3 minutes
Communication Mode:
I2C Address:
Operating Temperature:
-10 ~ 80C
Operating Humidity:
5%RH~95%RH (Non-condensing)
eCO2 Detection Range:
TVOC Detection Range:
Cable Length:
Target Gas:
Air Quality

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