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Ultra-Low Power Analog Sensor Module for IAQ Indoor Air Quality Sensor

SPEC Sensors

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₹6,478.20 inc. GST
₹5,490.00 ex. GST
This ultra-low power analog sensor module converts an IAQ sensor's linear current output to a linear voltage signal, ideal for indoor air quality monitoring with low power consumption and easy integration. View full description
₹6,478.20 inc. GST
₹5,490.00 ex. GST


Quickly integrate our indoor air quality sensor for combustion by products into your system with very low power consumption and a simple analog sensor signal output. The ULPSM converts the IAQ sensor’s linear current signal output to a linear voltage signal, while maintaining the sensor at its ideal biased operation settings.


Q: What is the primary function of this sensor module?

A: This module converts the linear current output of an IAQ (Indoor Air Quality) sensor into a linear voltage signal, making it easier to integrate with various systems.

Q: What are the advantages of using this module for IAQ monitoring?

A: The module offers ultra-low power consumption, simplifying integration with battery-powered devices or applications where energy efficiency is crucial. Additionally, it provides a simple analog voltage output, eliminating the need for complex signal processing.

Q: What is the measurement range and accuracy of the module?

A: The measurement range of the module depends on the specific IAQ sensor used. However, it typically ranges from 0 to 100, with an accuracy of < ±2% of the reading.

Q: What are the applications of this module?

A: This module is ideal for applications where monitoring indoor air quality is important, such as in smart homes, offices, industrial settings, or any environment where air quality control is necessary.

Q: What are the power supply requirements for this module?

A: The module requires a 2.8V power supply and consumes very low current, making it suitable for battery-powered devices and energy-efficient applications.

Technical Specifications

SPEC Sensors
Measurement Range:
0 to 100
0.15 ppm
Lower Detection Limit:
0.3 ppm
< +- 2 % of reading
Response Time T90:
< 30 seconds
Power-On Stabilization Time:
60 minutes recommended
Target Gas:
Air Quality

Warranty Information

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