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Compute Module IO Board Plus for Raspberry Pi CM3/CM3L/CM3+/CM3+L


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₹6,018.00 inc. GST
₹5,100.00 ex. GST
The Compute Module IO Board Plus is a multi-functional expansion board for Raspberry Pi Compute Module 3/3L/3+/3+L. It features a Raspberry Pi GPIO header, Arduino connectivity, 1-WIRE interface, and various sensors. View full description
₹6,018.00 inc. GST
₹5,100.00 ex. GST
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This Multi-Functional Expansion Board is designed for use with both Raspberry Pi and Arduino. It is compatible with the Compute Module IO Board V3 from the Raspberry Pi Foundation and features a Raspberry Pi GPIO header for connecting a variety of Raspberry Pi HATs. The board also supports Arduino shields and has a 1-WIRE interface for connecting single-bus devices like DS18B20.

For I/O testing, the board features 4x keys, 4x LEDs, and 1x Buzzer. It also has an onboard USB HUB, allowing for connecting more USB devices. An IR receiver is available on the board for IR remote control. Additionally, the board has an onboard USB TO UART for serial debugging.

The sensor interface on the board allows for connecting various sensors, while the 10-bit ADC with 38KSPS and 11 channels (6 channels for Arduino interface, 5 channels for sensors) and 16-bit DAC with 2 channels provide accurate analog inputs and outputs. The onboard RTC is one of the most common and useful functions.

Compute Module IO Board Plus Features

  1. Compatible with the Compute Module IO Board V3 from the Raspberry Pi Foundation
  2. Raspberry Pi GPIO header, for connecting sorts of Raspberry Pi HATs
  3. Arduino connectivity, also supports Arduino shields
  4. 1-WIRE interface, for connecting single-bus devices like DS18B20
  5. 4x keys, 4x LEDs, 1x Buzzer, for I/O testing
  6. Onboard USB HUB, allows connecting more USB devices
  7. IR receiver, IR remote control is available
  8. Onboard USB TO UART, for serial debugging
  9. Sensor interface
  10. 10-bit ADC, 38KSPS, 11-ch (6-ch for Arduino interface, 5-ch for sensors)
  11. 16-bit DAC, 2-ch
  12. Onboard RTC, one of the most common and useful functions
Package Content
  • Compute Module IO Board Plus x1
Development Resources

What's on the Compute Module IO Board Plus

  1. Compute Module interface: for connecting Compute Module 3 OR Compute Module 3 Lite
  2. Compute Module GPIO header: breakout all the Compute Module pins
  3. Raspberry Pi GPIO header: for connecting Raspberry Pi HATs
  4. CSI interface: camera ports, for connecting Raspberry Pi Camera
  5. DSI interface: display ports, for connecting Raspberry Pi LCD
  6. HDMI port
  7. USB ports: for connecting USB devices
  8. USB SLAVE interface: allows you to burn system image in to Compute Module 3
  9. USB TO UART interface: for serial debugging
  10. Arduino header: for connecting Arduino shields
  11. AD/DA input/output screw terminals
  12. 1-WIRE interface: for connecting single-bus devices like DS18B20
  13. Sensor interface
  14. Power port: 5V 2.5A
  15. FE1.1S: USB HUB chip
  16. 12MHz crystal
  17. CP2102: USB TO UART converter
  18. Micro SD card slot: insert a Micro SD card with pre-burnt system, to start up Compute Module 3 Lite
  19. TLC1543: AD converter
  20. DAC8552: 16-bit DAC, 2-ch
  21. DS3231: high-precision RTC chip, I2C interface
  22. RTC battery holder: supports CR1220 batteries
  23. Voltage regulator: 3.3V / 2.5V / 1.8V
  24. LFN0038K: IR receiver
  25. Buzzer
  26. Power indicator
  27. ACT indicator: indicating the Micro SD card status
  28. User LEDs
  29. User Keys
  30. BOOT selection
     -EN: enable the PC to access SD card/eMMC through USB SLAVE
     -DIS: the Compute Module will boot from SD card/eMMC
  31. VGx power selection: config the I/O level
  32. USB HUB enable jumper: HUB enable and USB SLAVE power selection
  33. ADC/DAC configuration: config the power supply and reference voltage of ADC/DAC
  34. Peripheral configuration: config the control pins of UART, user keys, user LEDs, 1-WIRE interface, IR receiver, and buzzer
  35. Arduino AD selection
     -connect 1 and 2: Arduino A0-A5 as digital control pin
     -connect 2 and 3: Arduino A0-A5 as AD input



Q: Which Raspberry Pi Compute Modules are compatible with this IO Board Plus?

A: The Compute Module IO Board Plus is compatible with the Raspberry Pi Compute Module 3, Compute Module 3 Lite, Compute Module 3+, and Compute Module 3+ Lite.

Q: Can I use Raspberry Pi HATs with this IO Board Plus?

A: Yes, the IO Board Plus features a Raspberry Pi GPIO header, allowing you to connect and use various Raspberry Pi HATs.

Q: Does the IO Board Plus support Arduino shields?

A: Yes, the board provides Arduino connectivity, enabling you to utilize Arduino shields for expanded functionality.

Q: What are the onboard sensors included with the IO Board Plus?

A: The IO Board Plus includes a light sensor, an accelerometer, and a gyroscope for various sensing applications.

Q: What interfaces are available for connecting additional devices?

A: The IO Board Plus offers various interfaces, including a Raspberry Pi GPIO header, Arduino header, CSI camera interface, DSI display interface, HDMI port, USB ports, USB SLAVE interface, USB TO UART interface, 1-Wire interface, and a sensor interface.

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