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CH376S USB Module U Disk, Flash Drive and SD Card Read Write Module


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CH376S is a module designed to facilitate communication, between devices using USB. It is compatible with a range of devices, including microcontrollers and computers acting as a bridge that enables them to share information.

CH376 is a versatile chip that can work with USB devices like flash drives and memory cards. It knows how to talk to them and manage their files. It can also connect to computers using different communication methods like 8-bit parallel, SPI, or serial connections. This chip is like a translator between devices and computers. It can do similar things as other chips like CH372 and CH375, but with a bit more flexibility. When your device assumes the role of the "host " it gains the ability to communicate with this chip. It's like granting your device a channel through which it can interact with devices via a physical connection. Moreover this chip can send signals to notify your device of events or occurrences.

This chip proves beneficial in projects where you need to access or store data on a USB flash drive. It follows commands. Offers communication options for interacting with your device be it through physical connections or signal transmission. Its capabilities include creating, reading, writing and deleting data on the USB stick. 

The chip features metal connectors arranged in a pattern on its surface; some connectors serve specialized communication purposes. Furthermore there is an indicator light, on the chip that illuminates when you connect a USB stick to it.

  • CH376 chip with internal FAT file system for simple and fast file operations.
  • Supports various USB storage devices: U disk, USB hard disk, USB flash drive, USB card reader.
  • CH376S USB Module U Disk Read Write Module serves as a file management control chip.
  • Enables MCU systems to read/write files on USB Flash Drives or SD cards.
  • Supports both USB-Device Mode and USB-HOST Mode.
  • Firmware includes special communication protocol handling for Mass-Storage devices.
  • Includes communication interface firmware for SD card, FAT16, FAT32, and FAT12 file systems.
  • Internal curing CH376S chip with efficient FAT file system and fast file operations.
  • Compatibility with various USB devices: USB thumb drives, USB hard drives, USB flash drives, USB storage devices, USB card readers.
  • Supports Standard Capacity SD cards, high capacity HC-SD cards, and protocol-compatible MMC, TF cards.
  • Multiple communication interfaces supported: 8-bit parallel, SPI interface, and asynchronous serial.
  • Compatibility with CH372 and CH375 hosts in terms of equipment manner.

Configure the jumpers on the module depending on which communication protocol you are using

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