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USB to RS485 Module


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A versatile USB to RS485 converter module that offers compatibility with USB 1.1, USB 2.0, and USB 3.0 interfaces. This module enables the extension of an RS485 asynchronous data communication interface from a PC's USB port, facilitating seamless communication with other RS485 devices.

USB to RS485 Module

The module utilizes the CH340 interface chip and supports parallel connection, allowing for the simultaneous operation of multiple devices. With a baud rate ranging from 2400bps to 115.2Kbps, it provides efficient data transfer. Additionally, the module is equipped with lightning protection on the RS485 line, ensuring robust performance and safeguarding against potential electrical surges.

Designed to support various operating systems including Linux, Windows, Android, and Mac OS, this module is highly versatile. It finds application in a wide range of industries such as aviation and military systems, high-speed railway electrical systems, railway dispatching, power stations, industrial environments, and other scenarios involving RS485 equipment driving.


  • Electrical Standard: USB2.0/3.0, RS485 compliant
  • Transmission Rate: 2400bps-115.2Kbps
  • Working Mode: asynchronous half-duplex (RS485) adaptive
  • Load Capacity: parallel connection, drive multiple RS485 devices
  • Power Consumption: 1W
  • Working Temperature: -40-85C
  • Size: about 83mmx26mmx17mm / 3.27x1.02x0.67 inch
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USB to RS485 Module x1

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