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CH376S - USB Flash Disk and SD Card File Management IC SOP-28

Qinheng Microelectronics

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CH376 is a chip that helps manage files on USB flash drives or SD cards. It supports different communication interfaces, like 8-bit parallel port, SPI interface, or asynchronous serial port. This chip can be controlled by controllers like MCU/DSP/MPU to access files on U disk or SD card, or communicate with a computer.

  • Supports 1.5Mbps low speed and 12Mbps full speed USB communication
  • Compatible with USB V2.0; peripheral components only require crystal and capacitor
  • Supports USB-HOST host interface and USB-DEVICE device interface
  • Allows dynamic switching between host mode and device mode
  • Supports control transfer, bulk transfer, and interrupt transfer of USB devices
  • Automatically detects connection and disconnection of USB devices, providing event notifications
  • Provides a 6MHz SPI host interface, supporting SD card, MMC card, and TF card compatible with its protocol
  • Built-in USB control transfer protocol processor for simplifying common control transfers
  • Handles dedicated communication protocols for mass storage devices
  • Supports USB storage devices with Bulk-Only transport protocol and SCSI, UFI, RBC, or equivalent command set
  • Built-in FAT16, FAT32, and FAT12 file system management firmware
  • Supports U disk and SD card with a capacity of up to 32GB
  • Provides file management functions such as opening, creating, or deleting files, enumerating and searching files, creating subdirectories, and supporting long file names
  • Offers file read and write functions for multi-level subdirectories in units of bytes or sectors
  • Includes disk management functions like initializing disk, querying physical capacity, querying remaining space, and reading and writing physical sectors
  • Provides a 2MB speed 8-bit passive parallel interface for connecting to a single-chip microcomputer
  • Offers a 2MB/24MHz speed SPI device interface for connecting to a single-chip microcomputer via SPI serial bus
  • Provides an asynchronous serial port with up to 3Mbps speed, supporting a serial interface connected to a single-chip microcomputer with dynamic baud rate adjustment
  • Supports 5V, 3.3V, and 3V supply voltages, including low power mode
  • Fully compatible with CH372 chip in USB device mode; basically compatible with CH375 chip in USB host mode
  • Available in SOP-28 package

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Qinheng Microelectronics

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