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7Semi SCD40 CO2, Temperature and Humidity Sensor Breakout I2C


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₹2,708.10 inc. GST
₹2,295.00 ex. GST
The 7Semi SCD40 CO2, temperature, and humidity sensor breakout features an I2C interface for easy integration into projects. It is an ideal solution for monitoring environmental conditions accurately. View full description
₹2,708.10 inc. GST
₹2,295.00 ex. GST
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The ES-12129 breakout board is designed for easy and cost-efficient evaluation of Sensirion’s SCD40 CO2 sensor or carbon dioxide sensor. The SCD40 from Sensirion is a high-quality Photoacoustic based CO2 sensor capable of detecting 0 to 40000ppm with the best accuracy over 400-2000ppm +-(40ppm+5%). In order to improve accuracy the SCD40 has integrated temperature and humidity sensing built-in.

The SCD40 CO2 Sensor / carbon dioxide sensor breakout is a compact and high-performance sensor module that can detect and measure carbon dioxide levels in the air with great accuracy. It is built with advanced infrared sensing technology and features an ultra-low power consumption mode, making it ideal for battery-powered applications that require continuous monitoring of CO2 levels. The SCD40 Sensor breakout is equipped with an easy-to-use I2C interface and is compatible with various microcontrollers and development boards. It has a long lifespan, with a recalibration interval of many years, making it a reliable and cost-effective option for measuring carbon dioxide levels in various environments. With its small form factor and excellent performance, the SCD40 CO2 Sensor breakout / carbon dioxide sensor is a versatile tool that can be used in a wide range of applications, including indoor air quality monitoring, HVAC systems, and smart home automation.

SCD40 Specifications
  • Photoacoustic CO2 sensor technology (carbon dioxide sensor)
  • Integrated temperature and humidity sensor
  • Measurement range: 400 ppm – 2000 ppm
  • Accuracy: +-(50 ppm + 5 % of reading)
  • Current consumption: 17 mA (meas. rate = 5 s) / 0.5 mA (meas. rate = 5 min)
  • Fully calibrated and linearized
  • I2C digital interface
  • Board Dimensions: 20mm x 20mm

SCD40 Breakout Dimensions

SCD40 carbon dioxide sensor Breakout I2C Arduino Connections


CO2 Sensor or Carbon Dioxide Sensor : A CO2 sensor / carbon dioxide sensor is a device used to measure the concentration of carbon dioxide (CO2) in the air. These sensors use various technologies, including infrared sensing and electrochemical detection, to detect and measure the levels of CO2 in the atmosphere. CO2 sensors / carbon dioxide sensors are commonly used in a wide range of applications, including indoor air quality monitoring, HVAC systems, and environmental monitoring. They are also used in industries such as agriculture, healthcare, and automotive to monitor and control CO2 levels. CO2 sensors / carbon dioxide sensors are important tools for ensuring the health and safety of individuals and the environment, as well as for improving energy efficiency and reducing carbon emissions.

Technical Specifications


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    3 Reviews

  • Posted by Dishant Raj on 23rd Feb 2023


    Easy to install and use

    This product was so easy to use. The setup instructions were clear and concise. I was able to get this product up and running within minutes of opening my package.

  • Posted by Lekhraj on 14th Feb 2023


    Sensor is great

    This sensor is great, it works as advertised and I haven’t had any issues with it.

  • Posted by Vikas Madan on 23rd Dec 2022


    Compact and swift resonse

    I could easily integrate this breakout with my Arduino board. The response of this sensor is very quick to change in environment. I have used 7Semi ES-12129 and a PM sensor to make a Air Quality Sensor for my home.