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7Semi SHT25 Temperature and Humidity Sensor Breakout I2C


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The SHT25 Temperature and Humidity Sensor Breakout is an ultimate solution for precise environmental monitoring! Whether you're a hobbyist or a professional, this powerful sensor will provide you with accurate temperature and humidity readings to help you make informed decisions about your projects.

With an operating voltage of 3.3V or 5V, this sensor is versatile and can be easily integrated into your existing systems. The I2C interface makes it simple to connect to your microcontroller, and the compact breakout board design means you can use it in a variety of projects without taking up too much space.

But what really sets the SHT25 apart is its impressive technical features. This sensor boasts a temperature range of -40C to 125C with an accuracy of +-0.3C, making it ideal for even the most demanding applications. Additionally, it has a humidity range of 0-100% RH with an accuracy of +-2%, ensuring that you get the most accurate readings possible.

But that's not all - the SHT25 also features a fast response time and low power consumption, making it perfect for battery-powered applications. And with its high reliability and long-term stability, you can trust the SHT25 to provide you with consistent and accurate data for years to come.

Don't settle for anything less than the best when it comes to environmental monitoring. Choose the SHT25 Temperature and Humidity Sensor Breakout for unbeatable accuracy, reliability, and performance.

Each SHT25 is pre-calibrated calibrated and provides linearized sensor signals in digital, I2C format. This breakout is based on SHT25 which gives excellent accuracy and covers a great range of temperature and humidity. This breakout is having provision to work on either 5V logic or 3.3V logic, making it suitable for most of the popular boards such as Arduino, Raspberry Pi etc.

7Semi SHT25 Breakout I2C Connections to Arduino

 SHT25 Digital Humidity Sensor Breakout (RH/T) Comparison Table


temperature and humidity sensor breakout is a small electronic device designed to measure both temperature and humidity in a given environment. It utilizes the I2C communication protocol to send and receive data from a microcontroller or other computing device. The breakout typically contains a sensing element that converts changes in temperature and humidity into electrical signals, which are then converted into digital data and transmitted via the I2C interface. This type of sensor is commonly used in a variety of applications, such as in climate control systems, weather monitoring, and indoor air quality monitoring. The compact size and easy-to-use interface of the temperature and humidity sensor I2C breakout make it a popular choice among hobbyists, students, and professionals.

Technical Specifications

Operating Voltage:
Temperature Range:
-40 to 125 C
Humidity Range:
Humidity Accuracy:
+/- 1.8 %
Temp Accuracy:
+/- 0.2 C
19mm x 19mm
Holes size:

Warranty Information

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    1 Reviews

  • Posted by Parth Goyal on 3rd Aug 2022


    Decent product

    Very decent product, I had a bit of trouble setting it up at first but the technical support of the company was very good and they helped me get it up and running in no time.