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7Semi CH340C USB to Serial TTL Converter Nano Breakout


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₹88.50 inc. GST
₹75.00 ex. GST
Connect with ease! The 7Semi CH340C USB to Serial TTL Converter Nano Breakout offers a versatile pinout and CH340C chip for compatibility with various microcontrollers and serial devices. View full description
₹88.50 inc. GST
₹75.00 ex. GST
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7Semi CH340C USB to Serial TTL Converter Nano Breakout: Your Bridge to Effortless Device Communication
Simplify the way you connect and interact with various electronic components. The 7Semi CH340C USB to Serial TTL Converter Nano Breakout is a compact powerhouse featuring a modern USB-C connector and the reliable CH340C chip for unmatched compatibility and performance.
Key Features:
  • USB-C Compatibility: Plug and play with the latest laptops, tablets, and other USB-C equipped devices.
  • CH340C Chip: Experience smooth operation and wide device support due to the proven CH340C chip.
  • Flexible Pinout: The standard RX, TX, VCC, and GND pins empower you to connect a variety of microcontrollers, sensors, and legacy serial devices.
  • Informative LEDs: Monitor data transmission in real-time with the convenient TX (Blue) and RX (Red) LED indicators.
  • Microcontroller Development: Program, debug, and communicate with your favorite microcontrollers effortlessly.
  • GPS Integration: Seamlessly connect and configure GPS modules for location-based projects.
  • Sensor Communication: Interface with various sensors to collect and analyze essential data.
  • Legacy Device Support: Give new life to older equipment with serial interfaces.

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