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7Semi Boost Converter Breakout - Step-up


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₹289.10 inc. GST
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₹289.10 inc. GST
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This is Boost Converter Breakout from 7Semi, the ultimate solution for your power needs. This high efficiency, high frequency synchronous Step-Up converter is capable of delivering output current up to 3A at a 3.8V output from a 1.9V input, making it the perfect choice for power banks and mobile devices.

Thanks to its boost converter chip with a low Rdson Power MOS and a built-in synchronous rectifier, the Boost Converter Breakout boasts an impressive efficiency of up to 91% at a 3.8V/2.1A load. This means that it minimizes power dissipation and reduces heat on the IC, making it ideal for applications that require small board space and have stringent temperature constraints.

With overload and short-circuit protection, this Boost Converter Breakout is designed to keep your devices safe from damage. Its compact size of 30mm x 15mm and superior performance make it the ideal solution for all your power needs.




A Buck-Boost Converter breakout board is an electronic module that allows for efficient voltage regulation in a circuit. The board uses a combination of buck and boost conversion techniques to adjust the voltage level of an input source to a desired output level. This type of converter is particularly useful in battery-powered applications where the input voltage may vary depending on the state of charge of the battery. The breakout board is designed to be easily integrated into existing circuits and can be controlled using a variety of input signals. The Buck-Boost Converter breakout board is a useful tool for managing voltage levels in electronic systems and can help extend the life of battery-powered devices.

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