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5 mm IR LED Pair (Transmitter and Receiver)


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The 5mm IR LED pair includes a transmitter and receiver. It is designed for infrared communication and sensing applications. Compact and efficient, it is ideal for use in remote control systems, proximity sensors, and other IR-based projects. View full description
₹6.82 inc. GST
₹5.78 ex. GST
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The 5 mm IR LED Pair (Transmitter and Receiver) is a highly useful and versatile product that includes both an infrared LED and a photo diode. These components are finely tuned to emit and receive infrared signals at the same wavelength, making them perfect for a wide range of applications.

Whether you are designing a remote control system, an object detection system, or an optical sensor application, this IR LED pair will provide you with the precise and reliable performance you need. The transmitter LED emits infrared light, while the receiver diode efficiently detects the infrared signals, creating a powerful and efficient system.

These 5mm IR LED pairs offer a compact and easily manageable solution for your projects. Their small size makes them incredibly versatile and perfect for use in tight or limited spaces. Additionally, their low power consumption ensures long-lasting operation without draining excessive amounts of energy.

The durability of these components is top-notch, ensuring a dependable and long-lasting performance. Crafted with high-quality materials, this pair is designed to withstand various environmental conditions and provide excellent results even under challenging circumstances.

With their exceptional wavelength tuning, this IR LED pair guarantees accuracy and precision in capturing and transmitting infrared signals. This makes them suitable for use in various sectors, including automation, security systems, robot navigation, and many other industries.

Easy to install and integrate into your existing systems, this IR LED pair is user-friendly and requires minimal setup. By following simple instructions, you can quickly get your project up and running, saving you time and effort in the process.

Trust the 5 mm IR LED Pair (Transmitter and Receiver) to meet your requirements for infrared signal emission and detection. Offering reliability, versatility, and excellent performance, it is the perfect choice for anyone seeking a high-quality solution for their electronic projects.

Technical Specifications

Power Rating:
250 mW
870 nm
Through Hole
Radiant Intensity:
1800 mW/sr
Lens Shape:
Viewing Angle:
10 deg
Lens Dimensions:
5 mm x 5 mm x 7.7 mm

Warranty Information

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