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3 mm IR LED Pair (Transmitter and Receiver)


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The 3mm IR LED pair consists of a transmitter and a receiver, perfect for infrared communication and sensing applications. With its small size and reliability, it is well-suited for various electronic projects and experiments. View full description
₹8.11 inc. GST
₹6.87 ex. GST
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The 3 mm IR LED Pair is the perfect solution for a variety of applications requiring infrared technology. This high-quality pair consists of a transmitter and a receiver that are both equipped with a 3 mm infrared LED and a photo diode. Both components are specially tuned to the same IR wavelength, ensuring optimal performance and reliability.

With this powerful duo, you can unlock a world of possibilities. Whether you're working on a robotics project, a security system, or a communication device, the 3 mm IR LED Pair is an essential component. Utilizing infrared technology, this pair enables accurate and efficient data transmission through light signals, guaranteeing precise results in your projects.

The transmitter and receiver both boast a compact 3 mm size, making them easy to integrate into your devices. Their small form factor does not compromise their exceptional performance, as they deliver a strong and focused beam of infrared light. This ensures reliable and precise detection or transmission of data, even in demanding environments.

Furthermore, this versatile pair offers great flexibility in terms of usage. Whether you need to build a smart home system, a remote control for your electronics, or an object detection mechanism, the 3 mm IR LED Pair has got you covered. Its wide range of applications makes it a valuable asset for hobbyists, students, engineers, and professionals alike..

Technical Specifications

870 nm
Power Rating:
250 mW
Radiant Intensity:
1800 mW/sr
Lens Shape:
Through Hole
Lens Dimensions:
3 mm x 3 mm x 7.7 mm
Viewing Angle:
10 deg

Warranty Information

All the products supplied by Evelta are genuine and original. We offer 14 days replacement warranty in case of manufacturing defects. For more details, please visit our cancellation and returns page.

    2 Reviews

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    product reivw

    Nice Product

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    product reivw

    Nice product. working properly