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ZC05 Methane CH4 Gas Sensor Module for Home Use

Winsen Sensor

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ZC05 Methane (CH4) Gas Sensor Module: Your Reliable Home Gas Leak Detector

Ensure the safety of your home with the ZC05 Methane Gas Sensor Module. This compact and highly responsive device is designed to quickly detect natural gas leaks, offering peace of mind for you and your family.

Key Features:
  • Accurate Detection: Utilizes a catalytic gas sensor to precisely monitor methane levels within a 1% to 25% LEL range.
  • Rapid Response: Detects gas leaks within 10 seconds, ensuring swift action can be taken.
  • Digital Display & UART Output: Provides clear visual indication of gas levels and offers UART output for seamless integration with alarm systems.
  • Buzzer & Relay: Triggers audible and visual alerts upon detecting a gas leak.
  • Solenoid Valve Control: Enables automatic shut-off of gas supply in case of emergencies (requires additional solenoid valve).
Ideal for:
  • Developing comprehensive home gas leak alarm systems.
  • Integrating with existing smart home setups for enhanced safety.
  • DIY projects focused on gas leak detection and prevention.

Technical Specifications

Winsen Sensor
Sensor Type:
Detection range:
1%~25% LEL
Target Gas:
Tem. Humidity:
20+/-2C, 55%+/-5%RH
Output Voltage:
UART (0 or 3V)
Expected Lifespan:
2 years

Warranty Information

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