WSH41FC-XPAN2 - Hall Effect Sensor IC SIP-4L (70 Gauss)

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The WSH41FC chip combines a Hall sensor, complementary output drivers, and a frequency generator, making it ideal for applications such as speed measurement, revolution counting, positioning, and DC brushless motor control. It features a temperature-compensated voltage regulator, a differential amplifier, a hysteresis controller, and open-collector output drivers that can handle up to 400mA and 10mA current loads respectively. Additionally, an on-chip protection diode is included to protect against reverse power faults. The chip also includes a temperature-dependent bias that adjusts the supply voltage for the hall plates and the switching points for decreasing magnet induction at higher temperatures, resulting in appropriate open collector output switching.

  • Operate from 2.8V to 20V supply voltage.
  • On-chip Hall sensor.
  • Internal bandgap regulator allows temperature compensated operations and a
  • wide operating voltage range.
  • High output sinking capability up to 400mA for driving large load.
  • Lower current change rate reduces the peak output voltages during switching.
  • Available in rugged low profile SIP-4L packages.
  • Built-in FG output.
  • Built-in protection diode for reverse power supply fault

Extra Information

Operating Temperature:
-20~125 C
Operating Voltage:
2.8~20 V
Output Current:
400 mA

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