WSH415-XPAN3 - 28V Hall Effect Sensor IC Two complementary Outputs 4-Pin SIP

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WSH415 is designed to integrate Hall sensor with two complementary output drivers on the same chip, it is suitable for speed measurement, revolution counting, positioning, and DC brushless motors. It includes a temperature compensated voltage regulator, a differential amplifier, a Hysteresis controller, two open-collector output drivers capable of sinking 600mA current load. An on-chip protection diode is implemented to prevent reverse power fault.
The temperature-dependent bias increases the supply voltage of the hall plates and adjusts the switching points to the decreasing induction of magnets at higher temperatures. Subsequently, the open collector output switches to the appropriate state. WSH415 are rated for operation over temperature range from –20C to 100C and voltage ranges from 2.8V to 28V.


Extra Information

Operating Temperature:
-20~100 C
Operating Voltage:
2.8~28 V
Output Current:
600 mA

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