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White Led - SMD (0603 package)


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The White LED SMD (0603 package) is a compact and versatile lighting solution that brings forth a clean and crisp white illumination to any project or space. Encased in an 0603 package, this SMD LED is designed to provide maximum efficiency and reliability while occupying minimal space.

Featuring cutting-edge LED technology, this product emits a bright white light that enhances visibility and brings clarity to any environment. With a luminous intensity that is powerful yet not overpowering, this LED is suitable for a wide range of applications. Whether it's for signage, backlighting, interior lighting, or any other purpose that requires a reliable source of white light, this SMD LED is the ideal choice.

The 0603 package size adds to the convenience and versatility of this LED. With dimensions of just 1.6mm x 0.8mm, it can easily fit into tight spaces and intricate designs where larger LEDs may not be suitable. From small electronic devices to intricate circuitry, this LED's compact form factor ensures compatibility in a variety of applications without compromising on performance.

Not only does this White LED SMD (0603 package) offer exceptional brightness and compact size, but it also boasts remarkable energy efficiency. By consuming minimal power, it helps reduce energy consumption, making it an environmentally-friendly choice. The long lifespan of this LED further exemplifies its efficiency, ensuring that it will continue to provide consistent and reliable illumination for an extended period.

Manufactured using high-quality materials and subjected to rigorous quality control, this White LED SMD (0603 package) guarantees longevity and durability. Its solderability and high-temperature resistance enable seamless integration into various production processes, making it a reliable component for manufacturers and designers alike.

Whether you're looking to enhance the visibility of a device, illuminate a confined space, or implement energy-efficient lighting, the White LED SMD (0603 package) offers a cost-effective, reliable, and compact solution that meets all your requirements. Invest in this premium product and enjoy the brilliance of white light in an aesthetically pleasing package.

Technical Specifications

Forward Voltage:
2.1 V
Surface Mount
Forward Current:
20 mA
Lens Color:
Water Clear

Warranty Information

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