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Red Led - SMD (0603 package)


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The Red Led - SMD (0603 package) is an incredibly bright and efficient light-emitting diode that comes in a compact 0603 package. With its vibrant red color, this LED is perfect for various applications, ranging from electronic displays to automotive lighting.

Designed with the latest surface mount technology, the Red Led - SMD (0603 package) offers superior performance, enhanced durability, and an exceptionally long lifespan. Its small footprint makes it easy to integrate into any design, while its high luminosity ensures optimal visibility even in low-light environments.

This SMD LED is known for its reliability and versatility. It operates at a low voltage, making it suitable for battery-powered devices, and it showcases excellent power efficiency, allowing for prolonged usage without draining excessive energy. The Red Led - SMD (0603 package) emits a pure and consistent red hue that is sure to catch attention and add a touch of brilliance to your project.

Whether you're an electronics hobbyist, a professional lighting designer, or an engineer working on cutting-edge technology, this Red Led - SMD (0603 package) is an ideal choice for your needs. Its straightforward installation process and compatibility with standard circuit boards make it accessible to users with various skill levels. Use it to create stunning visual effects, highlight important elements, or convey information in a clear and eye-catching manner.

Technical Specifications

Forward Current:
5 mA
Forward Voltage:
5 V
Surface Mount
Lens Color:
Water Clear

Warranty Information

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