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Visible Spectrum Emitter USB-C Qwiic


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The Qwiic Visible Spectrum Emitter features nine discrete LEDs covering the entire visible spectrum from 455 to 720nm. Each LED emits light with a distinct narrow peak wavelength, with one exception: the green LED in the middle of the spectrum is phosphor-based. We opted for this compromise to ensure that all LEDs maintain a similar level of luminous intensity without causing a significant cost increase. It's worth noting that pure green LEDs are not very efficient due to complex physics reasons. If you're interested in delving deeper, you can explore the concept of the "green gap." Additionally, the board comes equipped with a USB-C port for connecting a high-current 5V power supply to drive the LEDs. The exposed copper surface on the back of the board is designed to accommodate our self-adhesive copper heatsink, which is useful for applications requiring active cooling.

  • USB-C Connector for LED Power
  • 2x Qwiic Connection Ports
  • I2C Address: Default 0x35 (2-bit selectable)
  • 9 Discrete Single-color LEDs at the following wavelengths:
    • 455nm
    • 475nm
    • 500nm
    • 525nm
    • 540nm
    • 590nm
    • 615nm
    • 660nm
    • 730nm

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