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TF03-100 LiDAR Module IP67 100m ToF Distance Sensor


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₹19,409.82 inc. GST
₹16,449.00 ex. GST
The TF03-100 LiDAR Module: A rugged IP67-rated sensor delivering precise distance measurements up to 100 meters. View full description
₹19,409.82 inc. GST
₹16,449.00 ex. GST


The TF03-100 LiDAR Module IP67 100m Distance Sensor is a robust industrial-grade LiDAR solution. This powerful LiDAR sensor excels with a maximum detection range of 100 meters. It's specially designed to perform even under challenging outdoor conditions, effectively countering glare and interference. TF03-100 functions reliably in strong light, rain, fog, and snow.

Its versatility shines through multiple operating modes, allowing for customizable configurations to suit varied applications. The durable aluminum alloy and infrared band-pass glass shell enhance overall strength. TF03 supports a range of interfaces, including UART, CAN, RS232, and RS485, ensuring compatibility across diverse applications. Users have the flexibility to configure key parameters like measuring frequency, baud rate, trigger mode, and over-range assignment.

TF03 features a BootLoader function, facilitating convenient local firmware upgrades. With high range capabilities, a high frame rate of up to 1000Hz, and energy-efficient performance, TF03-100 LiDAR Module IP67 100m Distance Sensor stands as a reliable solution for precise distance measurements in industrial settings. Dimensionally compact at 44mmx43mmx32mm (LxWxH) and housed in an IP67 enclosure, it assures durability and accuracy in challenging environment.

  • High range up to 100 meter
  • High frame rate (Up to 1000Hz)
  • Low power consumption
  • Dimension 44mmx43mmx32mm(LxWxH)
  • IP67 Enclosure


Q: What is the maximum detection range of the TF03-100 LiDAR Module IP67 100m ToF Distance Sensor?

A: The TF03-100 LiDAR Module has a maximum detection range of 100 meters.

Q: What are the dimensions of this LiDAR module?

A: The dimensions of the TF03-100 LiDAR Module are 44mmx43mmx32mm (LxWxH).

Q: What are the available interfaces for this LiDAR module?

A: The TF03-100 LiDAR Module supports UART, CAN, RS232, and RS485 interfaces.

Q: Does this LiDAR module have a high frame rate?

A: Yes, the TF03-100 LiDAR Module can achieve a high frame rate of up to 1000Hz.

Q: Is the TF03-100 LiDAR Module housed in a durable and weatherproof enclosure?

A: Yes, the TF03-100 LiDAR Module is housed in an IP67 rated enclosure, ensuring durability and protection against dust and water ingress.

Technical Specifications

Operating Range:
10cm@ (0.1-10m), 1%@ (10m-100m)
Measurement Unit:
cm (Default)
Range Resolution:
Frame Rate:
1~1000 Hz ( adjustable )
Operating Voltage:
0.5 Deg
Communication Interface:

Warranty Information

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