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TF-Luna LiDAR Module 8m ToF Distance Sensor UART I2C


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₹2,371.80 inc. GST
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The TF-Luna LiDAR Module: Accurate 8m Distance Sensor with UART and I2C Interface for precise distance measurement and object detection. View full description
₹2,371.80 inc. GST
₹2,010.00 ex. GST


The TF-Luna LiDAR Module 8m Distance Sensor is a reliable and high-performance distance measurement tool. Using the Time of Flight (ToF) principle, this LiDAR module emits near-infrared modulated waves to accurately determine distances up to 8 meters. Its precise ranging capabilities make it an ideal choice for a wide range of applications. What sets TF-Luna apart is its adaptability to diverse environments. Equipped with advanced algorithms, this module can be fine-tuned to suit various scenarios. Its adjustable configurations and parameters ensure exceptional distance measurement accuracy even in complex settings.

Utilizing the ToF principle, TF-Luna calculates distances by analyzing the phase difference between the emitted and reflected waves. This results in precise and stable distance measurements. Whether you're working in robotics, industrial automation, or other fields, TF-Luna LiDAR Module is your trusted solution for distance sensing needs.



Q: What is the TF-Luna LiDAR Module used for?

A: The TF-Luna LiDAR Module is a distance sensor that measures up to 8 meters using LiDAR technology. It's used for obstacle detection, distance measurement, and various applications in robotics, automation, and IoT projects.

Q: What communication interfaces does the TF-Luna support?

A: The TF-Luna LiDAR Module supports both UART and I2C communication interfaces, allowing flexible integration with different microcontrollers and development boards for various project requirements.

Q: What is the maximum distance measurement range of the TF-Luna LiDAR Module?

A: The TF-Luna LiDAR Module can measure distances up to 8 meters with high accuracy, making it suitable for close-range distance sensing applications in robotics and automation.

Q: What is the accuracy of the distance measurements provided by the TF-Luna LiDAR Module?

A: The TF-Luna LiDAR Module offers a measurement accuracy of ±5 cm, providing reliable and precise distance data for your applications.

Q: Is the TF-Luna LiDAR Module easy to integrate into projects?

A: Yes, the TF-Luna LiDAR Module is designed for easy integration with its standard UART and I2C interfaces. It comes with a user-friendly API and example code for quick setup and development with popular microcontroller platforms.

Technical Specifications

Operating Range:
6cm@ (0.2-3m), 2%@ (3m-8m)
Measurement Unit:
cm (Default)
Range Resolution:
Frame Rate:
1~250 Hz ( adjustable )
Operating Voltage:
2 Deg
35mmx21.25mmx12.5mm (LxWxH)
Communication Interface:

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