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SW-18030P - Retarded Sensitivity Vibration Sensor Shake Switch


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The SW-18030P is a slow completely sealed retarded sensitive spring electronic vibration sensor switch. The operating voltage is 12V and 4.5mm in diameter and 11mm in length. In silent surroundings, it keeps on turning off state with any angle. When it is hit by an outside force and comes to the proper shaking state or the moving speed comes to the proper centric force, then the current leader point will display turning on the state for a short time the electric character will be changed. As the outside force disappears, it restores the turning-off state.

  • No direction, turning on by any touching off angle.
  • The type word with alphabetic “P” by the end means completed sealed, waterproof and
    dustproof package.
  • According to the current inquires select the suitable swift switch.
  • Suit for the little current touching on circuit.

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