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MSP-EXP430FR2311 - MSP430FR2311 LaunchPad Development Kit

Texas Instruments

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MSP430FR2311 LaunchPad development kit provides quickest and easy solution for the devices like MSP430FR2000, MSO430FR21xx and MSP430FR23xx MCUs. The board integrates the solution for easy programming, emulation, debugging and energy measurements. It has everything on-board for developing quick embedded solution; devices like LED and an optical sensor interface are some of the high quality on-board facilities for developing and testing any prototypes.

MSP430FR2311 is primarily noted for the application testing and development of the light sensor based projects, which includes the testing of the intensity of light, which is further back up by the integrated op-amp unit for noisefree and quality graded smart analog features which includes integration of op-amp, comparator and ADC, thus allowing easy integration of the industrial sensors enabling a single-chip implementation for many sensing applications. The board features the MSP430FR2311 MCU, which is the world's first MCU with a configurable low-leakage transimpedance amplifier, with 50pA current leakage and 4KB of FRAM unified memory.

For expanding the possibilities of the rapid development with this board, the 20 pin expansion header for easy integration of the Booster pack plug-in modules. 

Note: The MSP-EXP430FR2311 is based on experimental silicon. The MSP430FR2311IPW20 device used in this version of the MSP-EXP430FR2311 is a prototype device and has not met or completed Texas Instruments internal reliability qualification requirements. The device used in this development kit is for prototyping purposes only and not intended to be used in production systems. Therefore, device is used on an as is basis and Texas Instruments makes no warranty of fitness for a specific purpose.


  • MSP430 ultra-low-power MSP430FR2311 16-bit MCU with 4KB FRAM
  • EnergyTrace technology available for ultra-low-power debugging
  • 20-pin LaunchPad standard to leverage the BoosterPack ecosystem
  • Onboard eZ-FET emulation
  • 1 button and 2 LEDs for user interaction
  • Back-channel UART via USB to PC
  • Optical light sensing circuit

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Texas Instruments

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