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MD30C 30Amp 5V-30V DC Motor Driver


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₹2,847.34 inc. GST
₹2,413.00 ex. GST
MD30C motor controller: 5-30VDC, 80A peak, compatible with Arduino and Raspberry Pi. Reverse polarity protection, efficient NMOS H-Bridge, regenerative braking, and customizable PWM make it a versatile choice for motor control. View full description
₹2,847.34 inc. GST
₹2,413.00 ex. GST
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This MD30C bi-directional motor controller is designed for controlling a single brushed DC motor. It accepts motor voltages ranging from 5V to 30VDC. It provides a maximum output current of 80A peak for short bursts (1 second) and 30A continuous for regular operation. Notably, it features reverse polarity protection for the motor voltage input.

This motor controller is compatible with both 3.3V and 5V logic level inputs and can be easily integrated into various development boards, including:

  • 5V Arduino boards such as Arduino UNO, Maker UNO, CT-UNO, and Arduino Mega2650
  • 3.3V Arduino boards such as Arduino Zero
  • Raspberry Pi boards, including 3B, 3B+, 3A+, Zero, Zero W, and Zero WH

The controller incorporates a full NMOS H-Bridge, ensuring higher efficiency, and eliminating the need for an external heat sink. It also supports regenerative braking, which brakes the motor when the PWM pin is set to a logic low. The speed control PWM frequency can be adjusted up to 20KHz, and the onboard PWM generator provides switches and a potentiometer for standalone operation.

Additionally, it supports both locked-antiphase and sign-magnitude modes for external PWM operation. Please note that the PWM is not the same as "RC PWM."

  • Bi-directional control for 1 brushed DC motor, single channel
  • Motor Voltage: 5V to 30VDC
  • Maximum Output Current: 80A peak (1 second), 30A continuous
  • Reverse polarity protection for Vmotor
  • 3.3V and 5V logic level input, compatible with:
    • 5V Arduino boards such as Arduino UNO, Maker UNO, CT-UNO, Arduino Mega2650
    • 3.3V Arduino board such as Arduino Zero
    • Raspberry Pi boards which include 3B, 3B+, 3A+, Zero, Zero W, Zero WH
  • Full NMOS H-Bridge for higher efficiency and no heat sink is required
  • Regenerative Braking
  • Brakes the motor when PWM pin is low (logic low)
  • Speed control PWM frequency up to 20KHz (Actual output frequency is same as input frequency when external PWM is selected)
  • Onboard PWM generator with switches and potentiometer for standalone operation
  • Support both locked-antiphase and sign-magnitude for external PWM operation. Note: PWM is not "RC PWM"
  • Dimension: ~94mm x ~79mm

Technical Specifications

Current Capacity:
94mm x 79mm
Operating Voltage:
5 to 30V
RC Servo Signal:

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