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LLCC68 Advanced LORA Module 803~930MHz SPI IPEX Antenna


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₹352.58 inc. GST
₹298.80 ex. GST
The ISC-SX1262-B LoRa Module: Unleash the power of long-range wireless communication. Ideal for AMR, smart homes, security systems & more. Features exceptional range, interference resistance, and low power consumption. View full description
₹352.58 inc. GST
₹298.80 ex. GST
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Unlock Seamless, Long-Range Communication with the LLCC68 Advanced LoRa Module

Are you seeking a reliable, energy-efficient solution for extending communication range across vast distances? Look no further than the LLCC68 Advanced LoRa Module, meticulously designed and developed by INDIESEMIC to revolutionize your connectivity experience.

Unrivaled Performance and Versatility

Powered by the cutting-edge LLCC68 LoRa remote modem chip, this module excels in ultra-long-range, extended frequency communication. Experience robust anti-interference capabilities and minimized current consumption, ensuring optimal performance even in challenging environments.
Leveraging SEMTECH's patented LoRa modulation technology, the LLCC68 achieves remarkable sensitivity of over -129dBm and a transmission power of +22dBm, enabling long-range transmission with exceptional reliability. The LoRa modulation also boasts superior anti-blocking and selectivity compared to traditional methods, overcoming the limitations of distance, interference, and power consumption in conventional designs.

Key Features and Benefits:

  • Versatile Modulation: Supports FSK, GFSK, and LoRa modulation modes for flexibility.
  • Extended Frequency Range: Operates seamlessly within the 803MHz to 930MHz spectrum.
  • Efficient Power Management: 3.3V operating voltage, +22dBm max output power, 120mA max working current, and low RX/standby currents for energy conservation.
  • High Sensitivity: -129dBm sensitivity for enhanced reception.
  • Scalable Expansion Factors: Supports SF5 to SF12 for diverse applications.
  • Compact Design: Small, double-column stamp hole patch package for easy integration.
  • SPI Interface: SPI interface with half-duplex communication and CRC packet engine (up to 256 bytes).
  • Flexible Antenna Options: Compatible with stamp hole/through-hole and IPEX antennas.

Ideal for a Wide Range of Applications

The LLCC68 module is your gateway to seamless communication in various sectors:
  • Automatic meter reading
  • Home building automation
  • Security systems
  • Remote irrigation
  • And many more!

Transform Your Connectivity Landscape

Empower your projects with the LLCC68 Advanced LoRa Module and experience the future of long-range communication. Whether you're building smart homes, securing critical infrastructure, or optimizing industrial processes, the LLCC68 is your reliable partner for seamless, efficient, and extended connectivity.


Technical Specifications

Compatible with half-hole pad / through-hole pad (welded antenna required) / IPEX holder
Frequency Range:
Operating Temperature:
-40 ~ 85C
Power Supply:
Power supply voltage is 2.7~3.6V, the typical value is 3.3V, and the current is greater than 200mA
Programmable Bit Rate:
Up to300kbps

Warranty Information

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