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Industrial USB TO TTL (D) Serial Cable, Original FT232RNL Chip, Suitable For Raspberry Pi 5 Serial Port Debugging


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₹791.78 inc. GST
₹671.00 ex. GST
Simplify debugging & device configuration with this industrial USB to TTL serial cable. Features FT232RNL chip, multi-system support, over-current/over-voltage protection, and direct Raspberry Pi 5 compatibility. View full description
₹791.78 inc. GST
₹671.00 ex. GST


Industrial USB TO TTL (D) Serial Cable – The Ultimate Debugging Tool with FT232RNL Power: Your Indispensable Companion for Industrial Equipment and Raspberry Pi 5

This robust Industrial USB TO TTL (D) Serial Cable is your key to streamlined, reliable debugging. Featuring the original FT232RNL chip, it delivers rock-solid stability, lightning-fast communication, and unmatched compatibility across multiple systems.

Features That Simplify Your Workflow:
  • Unmatched Protection: Your devices stay safe with a self-recovery fuse, ESD protection, and advanced IO protection circuits, minimizing the risk of unexpected damage.
  • Adaptable Power: Seamlessly switch between 3.3V and 5V voltage levels, making this cable the perfect fit for a wide range of devices and projects.
  • Informative and Convenient: Three LED indicators provide instant feedback on power, TX, and RX signal status, allowing you to troubleshoot with confidence.
  • Space-Saving and Professional: The compact, sandblasted plastic case offers both durability and an aesthetically pleasing look, blending perfectly into your workspace.
  • Plug-and-Debug with Raspberry Pi: Connect directly to the Raspberry Pi 5's serial port, simplifying setup and allowing you to start debugging projects immediately.
  • Operating System Agnostic: Enjoy widespread support for Windows (7/8/8.1/10/11), Mac, Linux, Android, and more, eliminating compatibility concerns.
Ideal Applications:
  • Industrial Precision: Debug and configure industrial equipment with ease, ensuring optimal performance in demanding environments.
  • Master Your Raspberry Pi: Program, tweak, and explore the full potential of your Raspberry Pi 5 projects with direct serial access.
  • Embedded Development: Interact seamlessly with microcontrollers, sensors, and other TTL-level devices, bringing your electronics projects to life.

Raspberry Pi UART Debugging

Suitable For Raspberry Pi, Supports Multiple Connection Methods

Connect to PI5 UART Debug Connector Via SH1.0 3PIN cable

Connect To Raspberry Pi 40PIN GPIO UART Interface Via Separated 4PIN Header

Three LED Indicators

Easily Checking The Operating Status, Convenient For Programming / Debugging


VCC 3.3V or 5V output, configured by switch
GND Ground
TXD Connecting to MCU.RXD (signal direction: MCU.RX < < FT232 < < PC.TX)
RXD Connecting to MCU.TXD (signal direction: MCU.TX > > FT232 > > PC.RX)

Technical Specifications

FTDI original FT232RNL
Data Rate:
300bps ~ 3Mbps
Power Supply:
5V (USB connector)
UART (TTL level):

Warranty Information

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