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Gravity: High Accuracy Temperature, Humidity, Pressure, Ambient Light and UV Sensor - I2C/UART


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₹3,416.10 inc. GST
₹2,895.00 ex. GST
Piranha LED Light Module. Compatible with Arduino and an ambient light sensor extension, it offers dynamic control via a digital pin. Adjust brightness with PWM output and choose from four vibrant colors - Red, Blue, White, Yellow. View full description
₹3,416.10 inc. GST
₹2,895.00 ex. GST
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This multifunctional environmental sensor integrates the SHTC3 temperature & humidity sensor, BMP280 barometric pressure sensor, VEML7700 ambient light sensor, and LTR390 UV sensor (V1.0: ML8511, V2.0: LTR390-UV-01) into one, offering five environmental parameters. Professional sensor chips are chosen for precise measurements, with careful consideration given to the circuit design for optimal heat conduction and layout, ensuring data accuracy.

An onboard MCU processing chip converts raw sensor data into standard unit values, including ℃ and °F for temperature, % for humidity, Kpa for barometric pressure, lx for light illuminance, and mw/cm² for UV light.

This environmental sensor supports UART and I2C communication methods, available in two versions: Gravity and Fermion (breakout). Complete Arduino and Python libraries are provided for easy integration.

Exquisitely designed and compact, it simplifies the wiring and coding in your projects, making it suitable for indoor and outdoor environmental monitoring systems. The V2.0 update replaces the UV sensor model from ML8511 to LTR390-UV-01, enhancing the sensor's capabilities.

Gravity: Multifunctional Environmental Sensor

  • Temperature & Humidity Sensor: SHTC3
  • Barometric Pressure Sensor: BMP280
  • Ambient Light Sensor: VEML7700
  • UV Sensor: LTR390-UV-01 (V2.0)
  • Communication Methods: UART, I2C
  • Versions: Gravity, Fermion (breakout)
  • MCU Processing Chip Onboard
  • Standard Unit Outputs: Deg C, Deg F, %, Kpa, lx, mw/cm2

Barometric Pressure Sensor

  • Sensor Chip Model: BMP280
  • Barometric Pressure Measurement Range: 3000~1100 hPa
  • Relative Accuracy Of barometric Pressure: ±0.12 hPa
  • Absolute barometric Pressure Accuracy: ±1 hPa

Temperature & Humidity Sensor

  • Sensor Chip Model: SHT-C3
  • Relative Humidity Accuracy: ±2%RH
  • Relative Humidity Resolution: 0.01%RH
  • Relative Humidity Measurement Range: 0~100
  • Temperature Accuracy: ±0.2℃
  • Temperature Resolution: 0.01℃
  • Temperature Measurement Range: -40~125℃

UV Sensor

  • Sensor Chip Model: LTR390-UV-01
  • Ultraviolet Sensitive Wavelength: 280-430nm
  • Range of Measured Data: 13 Bit、16 Bit 、17 Bit、18 Bit、19 Bit、20 Bit
  • Measurement Rate: 25ms、50ms、100ms、200ms、500ms、1000ms
  • Adjustable Gain Multiple: 1、3、6、9、18

Ambient Light Sensor

  • Sensor Chip Model: VEML7700
  • Ambient Light Accuracy: 0.0036 lx/ct
  • Ambient Light Range: 0~120 klx
Package List
  • Gravity: High Accuracy Temperature, Humidity, Pressure, Ambient Light and UV Sensor - I2C/UART x1
  • Gravity 4P Connector x1

Technical Specifications

Working Voltage:
3.3~5V DC
Working Current:
about 4mA
Output Signal:
Working Temperature:
Product Size:
32mm×32mm / 1.26×1.26 inch
Mounting Hole Size:
M3 (diameter 3mm / 0.12 inch), the distance between the centers of the mounting holes is 25mm / 0.98 inch

Warranty Information

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