GNSS Repeater Kit GNSS Amplifier for Indoor Positioning GPS+BDS+GLONASS 25M Cable - TZT-ZF330A-50dB

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A GNSS (GPS+BDS+GLONASS) repeater system (also known as a GNSS Signal Transfer or GNSS Reradiator or GNSS Retransmission) is used to bring satellite signals indoors, providing positioning and timing signals inside areas where the signal is not present. The TZT-ZF330A-50dB is GNSS signal amplifier with 25 meter cable for for Indoor Positioning. 

  • The receiving antenna must be installed in an open, unobstructed place.
  • The receiving antenna mushroom head part must be placed vertically
  • If the receiving antenna is installed on the top of the building, it needs to be equipped with a lightning protection device on the top of the building. The receiving antenna is installed within the protection range of the lightning protection device.
  • The receiving antenna cable must be fixed to the wall to avoid excessive damage to the mushroom head of the receiving antenna.
  • The host is placed in the central part of the area where signal coverage is required for optimal use.
  • The linear distance between the host and the mushroom head of the receiving antenna should be more than 15 meters. If there is a wall barrier, the distance can be shortened appropriately.
  • Transmitting antenna installed vertically
Host Debugging
  • Place the host in the center of the site and connect the receiving antenna and transmitting antenna.
  • Plug in the power plug, turn on the power switch, and the power indicator lights up.
  • Turn on the GPS device (navigation, GPS module, navigation phone) and open the satellite status interface. Wait a moment, you will see the satellite signal strength.

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