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GNSS Repeater Kit GNSS Amplifier for Indoor Positioning GPS+BDS+GLONASS 25M Cable - TZT-ZF330A-50dB


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₹17,688.20 inc. GST
₹14,990.00 ex. GST
The GNSS Repeater Kit boosts satellite signal strength, enhancing positioning accuracy in challenging areas. Ideal for projects demanding precise and reliable positioning in adverse environments. View full description
₹17,688.20 inc. GST
₹14,990.00 ex. GST


Achieve Accurate Indoor Positioning with the Powerful TZT-ZF330A-50dB GNSS Repeater Kit
No more compromised navigation indoors! The TZT-ZF330A-50dB GNSS Repeater Kit amplifies GPS, BDS, and GLONASS satellite signals, ensuring precise positioning even within buildings where direct satellite reception is a challenge. This system, also called a GNSS Signal Transfer or Reradiator, overcomes the limitations of weak or obstructed signals.
Key Features:
  • Reliable Indoor Positioning: Navigate seamlessly within warehouses, factories, or other enclosed spaces with consistent location accuracy.
  • Powerful GNSS Signal Amplifier: Boosts signal strength for uninterrupted positioning and timing data essential for location-based applications.
  • 25-Meter Cable & Antenna: Provides installation flexibility and maximizes signal reception for optimal performance.
  • Compatibility with Multiple Systems: Works seamlessly with GPS, BDS, and GLONASS, offering broad coverage.
  • Asset Tracking: Monitor the location of valuable equipment or inventory within large facilities.
  • Indoor Navigation: Enhance wayfinding and guidance systems for users within complex buildings.
  • Precision Timing: Synchronize devices and processes that rely on accurate timing signals, even indoors.
Transform your indoor location capabilities with the TZT-ZF330A-50dB GNSS Repeater Kit. Get the accuracy you need, indoors and out.
  • The receiving antenna must be installed in an open, unobstructed place.
  • The receiving antenna mushroom head part must be placed vertically
  • If the receiving antenna is installed on the top of the building, it needs to be equipped with a lightning protection device on the top of the building. The receiving antenna is installed within the protection range of the lightning protection device.
  • The receiving antenna cable must be fixed to the wall to avoid excessive damage to the mushroom head of the receiving antenna.
  • The host is placed in the central part of the area where signal coverage is required for optimal use.
  • The linear distance between the host and the mushroom head of the receiving antenna should be more than 15 meters. If there is a wall barrier, the distance can be shortened appropriately.
  • Transmitting antenna installed vertically
  • Attach the receiving and transmitting antennas.
  • The antenna with the longer cable should be used as the receiving antenna and placed in an open space. Connect the receiving antenna to the IN terminal of the repeater.
  • Connect the transmitting antenna to the OUT terminal of the repeater, and position it at the location where you wish to receive the signal.
  • Connect the power plug and switch on the device. The power indicator will illuminate.
  • Activate your GPS device (such as a navigation system, GPS module, or navigation phone) and access the satellite status interface. After a brief wait, you should observe the satellite signal strength.

A GNSS repeater kit with a GNSS amplifier for an indoor positioning system refers to a comprehensive solution designed to enhance the accuracy and reliability of GNSS (Global Navigation Satellite System) signals within indoor environments. The kit typically includes a repeater unit and an amplifier component. The GNSS repeater unit captures weak GNSS signals from satellite constellations such as GPS, GLONASS, and BDS, and transfers them to the amplifier. The GNSS amplifier then boosts the signal strength, extending the coverage and improving the reception of GNSS signals within indoor spaces.

By deploying a GNSS repeater kit with a GNSS amplifier, indoor positioning systems can overcome challenges related to weak or obstructed GNSS signals caused by building structures, thick walls, or other environmental factors. This technology enables accurate and reliable positioning and navigation within indoor settings, benefiting a wide range of applications, including warehouses, airports, hospitals, and commercial buildings.

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