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GNSS 5 Click Board NEO-M8N GNSS Receiver - MikroE


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₹4,063.92 inc. GST
₹3,444.00 ex. GST
GNSS 5 Click Board is a MikroElektronika development board featuring the NEO-M8N GNSS receiver module from u-blox for accurate positioning using GPS, Galileo, BeiDou, or GLONASS. View full description
₹4,063.92 inc. GST
₹3,444.00 ex. GST


The MIKROE-2670 GNSS 5 Click Board integrates NEO-M8N GNSS receiver module from u-blox. GNSS 5 click is designed to run on a 3.3V power supply. The click communicates with the target microcontroller over I2C or UART interface, with additional functionality provided by the following pins on the mikroBUS line: RST, INT, PWM.

A USB interface (micro USB port), which is compatible with the USB version 2.0 FS (Full Speed, 12 Mbit/s), can be used for communication as an alternative to the UART.

The USB port can be used as a power supply as well if you need the click board to be a standalone device.

Key Features
NEO-M8 series utilizes concurrent reception of up to three GNSS systems (GPS/Galileo together with BeiDou or GLONASS)

GNSS 5 Click Board Features

If the user wants to utilize GNSS to determine a position, they must have an antenna that receives the signals coming from the satellites, and a receiver that translates these signals. The antenna position will be deduced from the measurements of the time delay between the emission time (satellite) and the reception time (receiver) for at least 4 signals coming from different satellites.

GNSS 5 Click Board Pinout

Buttons and LEDs



Q: What is the GNSS 5 Click Board?

A: The GNSS 5 Click Board is a compact development board from MikroElektronika designed for easy integration of Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) functionality into your projects.

Q: Which GNSS systems are supported by the GNSS 5 Click Board?

A: The board utilizes the NEO-M8N GNSS receiver module from u-blox, which supports GPS, Galileo, BeiDou, and GLONASS satellite systems, providing accurate positioning information.

Q: How does the GNSS 5 Click Board communicate with my microcontroller?

A: The board offers two primary communication interfaces: I2C and UART. Additionally, it can also communicate via USB for both data transfer and power supply when used as a standalone device.

Q: What are some key features of the NEO-M8N GNSS receiver module?

A: The NEO-M8N module boasts high-performance positioning capabilities, concurrent reception of up to three GNSS systems, and low power consumption. It also supports the u-blox AssistNow service for faster time-to-first-fix (TTFF) and improved accuracy.

Q: What applications is the GNSS 5 Click Board suitable for?

A: The board is ideal for a wide range of applications requiring accurate positioning data, such as asset tracking, navigation systems, drones, robotics, and wearable devices.

Technical Specifications

Asset tracking, for navigation devices based on GPS and GLONASS, road navigation devices, public transport, wearable devices, etc.
On-board Modules:
The NEO-M8N GNSS receiver module from u-blox with Active antena
57.15 x 25.4 mm
Input Voltage:

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