7Semi LMT87 Analog Temperature Sensor Breakout

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The 7Semi LMT87 breakout board consists of a precision LMT87 CMOS temperature sensor with +-0.4C typical accuracy (+-2.7C maximum) and a linear analog output voltage that is inversely proportional to temperature. The 2.7-V supply voltage operation, 5.4-uA quiescent current, and 0.7-ms power-on time enable effective powercycling architectures to minimize power consumption for battery-powered applications such as drones and sensor nodes.

Key Features
  • Very Accurate: +-0.4C Typical
  • Low 2.7-V Operation
  • Average Sensor Gain of -13.6 mV/C
  • Low 5.4-uA Quiescent Current
  • Wide Temperature Range: –50C to 150C
  • Output is Short-Circuit Protected
  • Push-Pull Output With +-50-uA Drive Capability
• Automotive
• Infotainment and Cluster
• Powertrain Systems
• Smoke and Heat Detectors
• Drones
• Appliances

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