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EVAL-SCS002V1 - Fast and Easy Migration from USB micro-B to 5V Type-C STUSB4500 Board


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₹4,189.00 inc. GST
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The EVAL-SCS002V1 shows minimum USB-C sink implementation. It can be used as a small footprint reference design for fast migration of any USB mini-B, micro-B or STD-B application to USB-C. It is based on the STUSB4500 USB controller IC and is certified as “Power Sinking Device”.

Key Features
  • USB Type-C SINK port
  • Short-to VBUS protection up to 28 V
  • Low bill of material cost, small footprint
  • Source power budget reporting LEDs
  • After connection to a compatible USB port, the STUSB4500L reference design: closes the switch to power up the system (if the VBUS voltage ranges between 3.3 V and 5.75 V)
  • Reports the maximum available current according to the following LED colors:
Blue : USB default current
Blue + Green : 1.5 A
Blue + Red : 3 A

Technical Specifications


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