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Energy Metering IC 7700W 14Pin TSSOP - BL0940

BL(Shanghai Belling)

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BL0940 is a calibration-free energy metering chip with a built-in clock. It is suitable for applications such as single-phase multi-function energy meters, smart sockets, smart home appliances, and electric bicycle charging piles. It has a high cost performance.

  • Two independent Sigma-Delta ADCs , one current and one voltage.
  • RMS current range ( 10mA~35A ) @1mohm
  • Active energy ( 1w~7700w ) @1mohm@220V
  • Can output current, voltage RMS, fast current RMS, active power, current and voltage waveform phase angle
  • Batch factory gain error is less than 1%, and the external components can be exempted from calibration if they meet certain conditions
  • Current channel has a leakage / overcurrent monitoring function, and the monitoring threshold and response time can be set
  • Voltage zero-crossing signal output
  • Built-in waveform register, which can output waveform data for load type analysis
  • Integrated temperature sensor to meet the needs of product over-temperature monitoring high-current node preset temperature alarm, ambient temperature measurement, etc.
  • Integrated SPI ( the fastest rate supports 900KHz ) / UART ( 4800bps ) communication method
  • Power down monitoring, below 2.7V, the chip enters the reset state
  • Built-in 1.218V reference voltage source
  • Built-in oscillation circuit, the clock is about 4MHz
  • Chip single working power supply 3.3V, low power consumption 10mW ( typical value )
  • TSSOP14 encapsulation

Technical Specifications

BL(Shanghai Belling)
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