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DC-DC Buck Converter 7-24V to 5V 4A


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₹483.80 inc. GST
₹410.00 ex. GST
The DFR0831 efficiently converts 7-24V power to stable 5V, up to 4A. Ideal for robotics, LED projects & more! Durable & compact, with high efficiency & multiple outputs. Power your projects with confidence! View full description
₹483.80 inc. GST
₹410.00 ex. GST


DFR0831: Reliable Power Conversion for Your Projects

The DFR0831 is a versatile DC-DC buck converter module designed to efficiently step down voltage from 7-24V to a stable 5V at up to 4A. With its compact size and robust components, it's perfect for powering various electronics in applications like:

  • Robotics: servos, motors, microcontrollers
  • Lighting: LED strips, modules
  • DIY projects: sensors, displays, other low-power devices
Key Features:
  • Wide input voltage range: Works with various power sources (7-24V)
  • Stable 5V output: Reliable power for your devices
  • High efficiency (90%): Minimizes heat generation and power loss
  • 4A output current (5A with heatsink): Powers multiple devices
  • Durable ceramic capacitors: Ensure long-lasting performance
  • Large inductor: Reduces heat generation
Compact and Easy to Use:
The DFR0831 is small and lightweight, making it easy to integrate into your projects. It features clearly labeled terminals for straightforward connection and operation.

Technical Specifications

Input Voltage Range:
Output Voltage:
Output Current:
0-4A (Max 5A, heat dissipation is necessary)
Conversion Efficiency:

Warranty Information

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