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DC-DC Buck Boost Converter Module 5A


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The Buck-Boost Converter is a useful tool when different voltage power supplies are needed at work. It combines DC-DC boost and buck functions, which allows the input voltage to be higher or lower than the output voltage while maintaining a constant output. The converter also has automatic voltage stabilization and a constant current function, as well as a settable maximum current and up to 89% conversion efficiency. It has a maximum output of 5A and can be used in a variety of settings, including industrial power supply, DIY smart power supply, embedded system power supply, and more.

1: Input +
2: Input -
3: Constant Current Indicator
4: Constant Current Regulation
5: Output +
6: Output -
7: Output Indicator
8: Output Voltage Regulation
Connect the power supply, the module starts to output voltage. Connect the output terminal to the multimeter voltage, and turn the voltage adjustment potentiometer to adjust the output voltage to the desired value.
Then adjust the multimeter to the 10A current gear, connect the positive probe to the positive output, and the negative probe to the negative output, and adjust the constant current set potentiometer to get the maximum output current value you want, the current value displayed on the multimeter is the constant current value. After that, connect to the load and everything should work fine.
Note: When using high power, please add heat dissipation if you encounter a severe heating problem.

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Technical Specifications

Input Voltage:
6~35V DC
Output Voltage:
Constant Current Adjustment Range:
Conversion Efficiency:
Maximum Input Current:
Maximum Output Current:
70x39x32 mm

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