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AW9523B IO Expansion Board, I2C Interface, Expands 16 I/O Pins


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The 16-Port I/O Expander Module is designed for easy expansion of I/O ports using the I2C bus. With just two wires, it allows the expansion of 16 I/O ports. The module supports driving 16-channel common anode constant current LEDs with 256-step linear dimming and controllable current. It generates an output interrupt (INT) signal when there is a change in the state of an input port. The I2C address can be configured by shorting the A0/A1 jumpers. The module provides two connector options: PH2.0 header and/or solder pads, enabling the stacking of multiple I2C modules. It features an onboard voltage translator that is compatible with 3.3V/5V level systems. The module comes with development resources and a manual, including examples for Raspberry Pi, micro:bit, Arduino, and STM32.

  • I2C bus, allows expanding 16 I/O ports by just using two wires
  • Support driving 16-ch common anode constant current LED, 256-step linear dimming, current controllable
  • Output interrupt (INT) signal when changing the state of an input port
  • I2C address configurable by shorting the A0/A1 jumpers
  • Provides two connector options: PH2.0 header and/or solder pads, allows multi I2C modules to be stacked
  • Onboard voltage translator, compatible with 3.3V/5V level
  • Comes with development resources and manual (examples for Raspberry Pi / micro:bit / Arduino / STM32)

AW9523B IO Expansion Board

Controlled via I2C Bus
Allows Using 4 Expansion Boards At The Same Time, Expanding Up To 64 I/O Ports

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