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8 Channel Relay Module (USB-RLY16L, Low Power Version, Up to 16Amp)


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₹10,336.80 inc. GST
₹8,760.00 ex. GST
The USB-RLY16L is an 8-channel relay module with a low-power version, supporting up to 16A current. It features USB connectivity, making it suitable for various relay control applications. View full description
₹10,336.80 inc. GST
₹8,760.00 ex. GST
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The USB-RLY16L module is a low-power variant of the USB-RLY16 module. It draws its power solely from the USB bus and offers eight relay outputs with volt-free contacts. Each relay has a current rating of up to 16Amp. The relays used in this module are of the SPCO (Single Pole Change Over) type. They feature three screw terminals labeled as 0, C, and 1, representing position 0, common, and position 1, respectively. These relays are latching relays, which means they do not have "normally open" or "normally closed" contacts.
One notable feature of the USB-RLY16L is that the relays retain their state even in the absence of power. Additionally, each relay is equipped with a red LED positioned right next to it. These LEDs serve as indicators, illuminating when the relay is in position 1 (LED on) or position 0 (LED off).
Package Contents
USB-RLY16L       x1

Technical Specifications

Operating Temperature:
-40C to +70C
Contact Arrangement:
1A, 1B, 1C
Contacr Resistance:
50 mOhms (at 1A 24VDC)
Max. Switching Voltage:
Max. Switching Current:
Max. Switching Power:

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